efficacy of various disinfectants against sars coronavirus.the recent severe acute respiratory syndrome (sars) epidemic in asia and northern america led to broad use of various types of disinfectant in order to control the public spread of the highly contagious virus. however, only limited data were available to demonstrate their efficacy against sars coronavirus (sars-cov). we therefore investigated eight disinfectants for their activity against sars-cov according to pren 14476. four hand rubs were tested at 30s (sterillium, based on 45% iso-propanol, ...200515923059
species-independent detection of rna virus by representational difference analysis using non-ribosomal hexanucleotides for reverse transcription.a method for the isolation of genomic fragments of rna virus based on cdna representational difference analysis (cdna rda) was developed. cdna rda has been applied for the subtraction of poly(a)(+) rnas but not for poly(a)(-) rnas, such as rna virus genomes, owing to the vast quantity of ribosomal rnas. we constructed primers for inefficient reverse transcription of ribosomal sequences based on the distribution analysis of hexanucleotide patterns in ribosomal rna. the analysis revealed that dist ...200515817564
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