characterisation of yeast flora isolated from an artisanal portuguese ewes' cheese.the evolution of the yeast flora was studied for an artisanal semi-hard ewes' cheese made from raw milk. mean log10 yeast counts per gram of cheese body ranged from 2.7 to 6.4, with the higher counts observed after a ripening period of 30 days. the yeast population decreased thereafter and, at the end of curing process, reached values similar to those of the beginning. a total of 344 yeasts strains were randomly isolated from the curd and cheese body during the 60 days long ripening period. este ...200011014522
identification of candida species isolated from bovine mastitic milk and their in vitro hemolytic activity in western this study, identification of 207 candida isolates, previously isolated from mastitic bovine quarter milk samples at the level of genus, was made using api 20 c aux system. the most frequently isolated species were candida krusei (34.8%), followed by candida rugosa (16.4%), candida kefyr (12.6%), candida albicans (10.1%), and candida tropicalis (9.2%). less common isolates were candida zeylanoides (5.8%), candida parapsilosis (4.3%), candida guilliermondii (3.4%), candida famata (1.9%), and c ...201019921462
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