identification of candida species isolated from bovine mastitic milk and their in vitro hemolytic activity in western this study, identification of 207 candida isolates, previously isolated from mastitic bovine quarter milk samples at the level of genus, was made using api 20 c aux system. the most frequently isolated species were candida krusei (34.8%), followed by candida rugosa (16.4%), candida kefyr (12.6%), candida albicans (10.1%), and candida tropicalis (9.2%). less common isolates were candida zeylanoides (5.8%), candida parapsilosis (4.3%), candida guilliermondii (3.4%), candida famata (1.9%), and c ...201019921462
combined ph and high hydrostatic pressure effects on lactococcus starter cultures and candida spoilage yeasts in a fermented milk test system during cold storage.the combined effects of high pressure processing (hpp) and ph on the glycolytic and proteolytic activities of lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis, a commonly used cheese starter culture and the outgrowth of spoilage yeasts of candida species were investigated in a fermented milk test system. to prepare the test system, l. lactis subsp. lactis c10 was grown in uht skim milk to a final ph of 4.30 and then additional samples for treatment were prepared by dilution of fermented milk with uht skim milk ...201020832684
yeasts isolation from bovine mammary glands under different mastitis status in the mexican high plateu.the mastitis subclinical and clinical in cows caused by fungi has been increased specially by yeast of the genus candida.201121349344
the yeasts of british fresh sausage and minced beef.three hundred and eighty three yeasts isolated from samples of unsulphited or sulphited sausages and skinless sausages and minced beef were characterized in detail. debaryomyces hansenii was the most commonly isolated yeast from most samples followed by candida zeylanoides and pichia membranaefaciens. the presence of sulphite in sausages did not appear to affect the numbers and range of yeasts present but did affect their relative proportions. a survey of one factory showed that meat intended fo ...19846486769
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