the pattern of sensitisation to inhalant allergens in omani patients with asthma, allergic rhinitis and rhinoconjunctivitis.identification of relevant allergens that are prevalent in each environment which may have diagnostic and therapeutic implications in allergic diseases. this study aimed to identify the pattern of sensitisation to inhalant allergens in omani patients with asthma, allergic rhinitis and rhinoconjunctivitis.200821748078
mechanisms of infection in the respiratory tract.related to its potential vulnerability the respiratory tract has a very complex and effective defence apparatus. the interaction between these defence mechanisms and certain characteristics of aetiological agents results in a pattern in which initial infections by these agents tend to occur at specific sites in the tract. infections in which the primary portal of entry is in the upper respiratory tract include bordetella bronchiseptica and haemophilus spp in pigs; pasteurella spp in cattle, shee ...198116030806
stereoselective oxidation of regioisomeric octadecenoic acids by fatty acid z-octadecenoic acids having the double bond located in positions 6z to 13z were photooxidized. the resulting hydroperoxy-e-octadecenoic acids [hpome(e)] were resolved by chiral phase-hplc-ms, and the absolute configurations of the enantiomers were determined by gas chromatographic analysis of diastereoisomeric derivatives. the ms/ms/ms spectra showed characteristic fragments, which were influenced by the distance between the hydroperoxide and carboxyl groups. these fatty acids were then in ...201121852690
mammary and systemic aspergillosis in dairy sheep.mammary aspergillosis was diagnosed in four flocks of dairy sheep, comprising a total of 1,750 ewes. these animals had been treated prophylactically by intramammary infusion with cloxacillin 5 months prior to lambing. mammary aspergillosis with concomitant spread to the regional lymph nodes was present in these flocks in a percentage ranging from 2% to 36.4% of treated sheep. pathologic, bacteriologic, and mycologic studies were performed in seven of the affected ewes. some of them also had lung ...19989684966
the effect of bacterial and fungal phospholipids on immune response to sheep erythrocytes and e. coli lipopolysaccharide.the effect of phospholipids extracted from some bacteria and fungi on the response of mice to sheep erythrocytes and e. coli lipopolysaccharide has been studied. the phospholipids from staphylococcus aureus. streptococcus faecalis, bacillus subtilis and aspergillus fumigatus augmented the humoral immune response to both antigens studied. the phospholipids from asp. fumigatus, str. faecalis and candida albicans stimulated mouse b lymphocyte proliferation in vitro. on the other hand, none of the p ...19816982033
evaluation of molecular and immunological techniques for the diagnosis of mammary aspergillosis in ewes.three techniques for the diagnosis of mammary aspergillosis in ewes were compared: indirect elisa to detect the level of anti-aspergillus igg in serum, determination of galactomannan (platelia procedure), and detection of dna of aspergillus in serum by a nested pcr. twenty sera from proven cases of aspergillosis in ewes were positive using elisa (100%), 80% were positive using pcr, but only 55% were positive using platelia. all 20 control sera were negative using elisa and pcr, whereas using pla ...200414738777
skin test hypersensitivity for childhood asthma in istanbul during a period of 16 years.for diagnosis of allergic disorders, besides history and physical examination, many in vivo and in vitro laboratory tests are used. skin prick test (spt) is an easily performed and valuable test in children. our aim was to evaluate the spt results of asthmatic children according to age and gender, in istanbul and its neighborhood, followed for a period of 16 years.200515777518
antioxidant, antihypertensive and antimicrobial properties of ovine milk caseinate hydrolyzed with a microbial protease.background: bioactive peptides might be released from precursor proteins through enzymatic hydrolysis. these molecules could be potentially employed in health and food products. in this investigation, ovine milk caseinate hydrolysates obtained with a novel microbial protease derived from bacillus sp. p7 were evaluated for antioxidant, antimicrobial, and angiotensin i-converting enzyme (ace)-inhibitory activities. results: antioxidant activity measured by the 2,2'-azino-bis-(3-ethylbenzothiazolin ...201121560133
[mastitis by aspergillus fumigatus in sheep].several outbreaks of sheep mastitis by aspergillus fumigatus in castilla y leon (spain), were studied. only sheep that were treated intramammarily with antibacterial antibiotics during the dry period suffered this mastitis. mastitis was acute with a morbidity up to 14 % and mortality near 100 %. the udder was markedly enlarged in size, fibrotic, haemorrhagic and with multiple compact nodules, some with purulent material inside; after 30-50 days postpartum, cheesy abscess of several centimetres i ...200015762774
[interactions between asp-hemolysin from aspergillus fumigatus and blood plasma components].asp-hemolysin is a cytolytic toxin that is produced by aspergillus fumigatus. this toxin is lytic for erythrocytes of humans, rabbits and sheep. however, asp-hemolysin is inactivated by the addition of serum or blood plasma. this study was undertaken to identify plasma components inhibitory to the hemolytic activity of asp-hemolysin. alpha 2-macroglobulin (alpha 2m) was isolated from the human blood plasma by affinity chromatography on a column containing asp-hemolysin coupled to sepharose. howe ...200111433776
intramammary aspergillus fumigatus infection in dairy ewes associated with antibiotic dry therapy. 200011104044
efficacy of alkaline hydrolysis as an alternative method for treatment and disposal of infectious animal waste.the efficacy of alkaline hydrolysis as an alternative for incineration or autoclaving during treatment and disposal of infectious waste was evaluated by testing for the destruction of samples of pure cultures of selected infectious microorganisms during digestion of 114 to 136-kg loads of animal carcasses in an animal tissue digestor at the albany medical college. ten milliliter samples of pure cultures of each microorganism were divided among 3 dialysis bags made from narrow diameter dialysis t ...199812456159
generalized aspergillosis in dairy sheep.two cases of systemic aspergillosis are described in dairy sheep from a flock in which fungal mastitis appeared subsequent to the antibiotic treatment of animals before parturition. lesions characterized by necrosis and a pyogranulomatous exudate were observed in the mammary glands, supramammary and mediastinal lymph nodes, kidneys, lung, liver, heart, forestomachs and brain. the intense vasculitis with thrombosis observed in various organs, but especially in the mammary glands, suggested a haem ...199910605371
in vitro antifungal susceptibilities of candida albicans and other fungal pathogens to polygodial, a sesquiterpene vitro antifungal activities of polygodial were investigated against several fungal pathogens. polygodial showed strong antifungal activity, comparable to amphotericin b, against yeast-like fungi candida albicans, c. utilis, c. krusei, cryptococcus neoformans, saccharomyces cerevisiae and also filamentous fungi including trichophyton mentagrophytes, t. ruburum, and penicillium marneffei. other strains such as aspergillus fumigatus, a. flavus, p. chrysogenum, c. lipolytica, and c. tropicalis sh ...199910232062
expression of the cu,zn superoxide dismutase of aspergillus fumigatus as determined by immunochemistry and immunoelectron microscopy.a polyclonal antibody against purified cu,zn superoxide dismutase (sod) from the pathogen aspergillus fumigatus was raised in a sheep. this antibody recognised purified a. fumigatus sod, together with a single band of 19 kda in a. fumigatus cytoplasmic antigen, by immunodevelopment of western blots. the polyclonal serum did not recognise either the manganese or iron containing forms of the enzyme; however, it was reactive against putative cu,zn sods in other members of the genus aspergillus. imm ...19968809544
the maternal to fetal transfer of immunoglobulins associated with placental lesions in this study we evaluated maternofetal transmission of immunoglobulins in ewes under conditions of altered placental morphology. intravenous injection of human red blood cells was used to induce immunoglobulins in pregnant ewes. the hemagglutination test was used to detect antibody in maternal serum, fetal and placental fluids. placental injury was induced by intravenous inoculation of escherichia coli endotoxin or spores of aspergillus fumigatus into pregnant ewes at days 99 or 100 of gestatio ...19863742359
wool-colonizing micro-organisms capable of utilizing wool-lipids and fatty acids as sole sources of carbon and energy.two keratinolytic fungi, chrysosporium keratinophilum and malbranchea anamorph of uncinocarpus reesii, and another three wool-colonizing fungi not previously reported to be keratinolytic, aspergillus fumigatus, a. flavus and scopulariopsis candida, were isolated from soil samples baited with animal wool. these fungi were tested for their ability to utilize wool-lipids as sole source of carbon and energy. the lipid contents of wool of various animals ranged between 2 and 5%. the different lipid e ...19902126788
functional studies on mouse macrophages activated by phospholipids from listeria monocytogenes and aspergillus fumigatus.the administration of phospholipids from listeria monocytogenes and aspergillus fumigatus to mice resulted in the development of macrophages with increased functional activity. it has been found that stimulated macrophages have increased phagocytic activity, enhanced chemotactic reactivity and augmented adherence to plastic surface. the activity of fcig macrophages and complement receptors as well as the rate of the recovery of the fcig receptors after phagocytosis were significantly higher in a ...19836422902
production and characterization of recombinant aspergillus fumigatus cu,zn superoxide dismutase and its recognition by immune human sera.the cu,zn superoxide dismutase (sod) of aspergillus fumigatus has previously been purified and shown to be immunoreactive to the sera of patients with aspergillosis; however, the purification of large quantities of the enzyme for expanded immunological analysis is both difficult and time-consuming. accordingly, a lambdaembl3 a. fumigatus genomic library was screened with degenerate oligonucleotides based on n-terminal amino acid sequence data; from this initial screen a 1,400-bp fragment was ide ...200010655345
resistance of spores of aspergillus fumigatus to ingestion by phagocytic cells.phagocytic cells are believed to have an important role in the eradication of fungal spores from the lung. the ability of human and mouse cells to phagocytose the opportunistic fungus aspergillus fumigatus has been examined, spores of the non-pathogenic fungus penicillium ochrochloron being used for comparison. most spores became associated with cells. those of a fumigatus appeared to remain bound to the surface of the phagocyte rather than being ingested; in contrast, p ochrochloron spores appe ...19873310309
thermophilic and thermotolerant fungi of animals' hair.nine thermophilic genera and 17 species in addition to one variety of aspergillus flavus, malbranchea pulchella and humicola grisea were collected from hair samples in riyadh, saudi arabia at 45 degrees c. fifty-one hair specimens of rabbit, sheep, camel and horse were examined for the presence of thermophilic fungi. the most frequent species were aspergillus fumigatus, aspergillus niger, thermoascus aurantiacus and malbranchea pulchella var. sulfurea. in low frequency, aspergillus flavus, asper ...19911805498
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