[examination of mosquitoes collected in southern moravia in 2006-2008 tested for arboviruses].the main goals of the study were to carry out virus isolation attempts on vero cell cultures from mosquitoes collected in southern moravia (breclav district, czech republic) and to identify the isolates using a microtiter virus neutralization test. a total of 9.742 female mosquitoes belonging to 13 species were examined, and three viral strains were isolated, all from the mosquitoes collected in 2006: two of these isolates were identified as tahyna orthobunyavirus (both obtained from aedes vexan ...201020925246
characterization of rabensburg virus, a flavivirus closely related to west nile virus of the japanese encephalitis antigenic group.rabensburg virus (rabv), a flavivirus with ∼76% nucleotide and 90% amino acid identity with representative members of lineage one and two west nile virus (wnv), previously was isolated from culex pipiens and aedes rossicus mosquitoes in the czech republic, and phylogenetic and serologic analyses demonstrated that it was likely a new lineage of wnv. however, no direct link between rabv and human disease has been definitively established and the extent to which rabv utilizes the typical wnv transm ...201222724010
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