nutritional evaluation of tubers of cyperus esculentus l. 19705430450
survey of aflatoxins and ochratoxin a in stored tubers of cyperus esculentus l.the mold incidence, moisture contents, ph and levels of mycotoxins (aflatoxins b1, g1 and ochratoxin a) on/of/in rootstock snack (tubers of cyperus esculentus l.) samples were monitored during a 150-day storage period. whereas the mold incidence, moisture and mycotoxin levels increased with storage time, the ph declined during the same period. altogether, 12 fungal species, mostly toxigenic, including aspergillus flavus, a. parasiticus and a. ochraceus were isolated. at collection period only 3 ...19938159216
potential of biologically active plant oils to control mosquito larvae (culex pipiens, diptera: culicidae) from an egyptian locality.the insecticidal effect of six commercially available plant oils was tested against 4th larval instars of culex pipiens. larvae were originally collected from meit el-attar, qalyubia governorate, egypt, and then reared in the laboratory until f1 generation. the lc50 values were 32.42, 47.17, 71.37, 83.36, 86.06, and 152.94 ppm for fenugreek (trigonella foenum-grecum), earth almond (cyperus esculentus), mustard (brassica compestris), olibanum (boswellia serrata), rocket (eruca sativa), and parsle ...200818488090
reproduction of pratylenchus penetrans on 24 common weeds in potato fields in québec.twenty-four weeds commonly found in commercial potato fields in quebec were evaluated for their host suitability to the root-lesion nematode, pratylenchus penetrans, under greenhouse conditions. brown mustard (brassica juncea) and rye (secale cereale) were included as susceptible controls and forage pearl millet hyb. cfpm 101 (pennisetum glaucum) as a poor host. pratylenchus penetrans multiplied well on 22 of the 24 weed species tested (pf/pi >/= rye or brown mustard). cirsium arvense, leucanthe ...200719259506
weed hosts of meloidogyne arenaria and m. incognita common in tobacco fields in south carolina.thirty-two weed species common in south carolina and one cultivar of tobacco were evaluated as hosts of meloidogyne arenaria race 2 and m. incognita race 3 in the greenhouse. egg mass production and galling differed (p < 0.05) among weed species. chenopodium album, euphorbia maculata, and vicia villosa were good hosts of m. arenaria. amaranthus palmeri, rumex crispus, amaranthus hybridus, ambrosia artemisiifolia, lpomoea hederacea var. integriuscula, setaria lutescens, sida spinosa, portulaca ol ...198819290313
[elevated air temperatures tolerance of chufa (cyperus esculentus l.), a phototroph component of life support systems].resistance of biotechnical life support systems (btlss) to stress-factors depends, in addition to some other conditions, on tolerance of higher plants as part of the photosynthesizing component. purpose of the investigations with chufa cyperus esculentus l. cultivation on mineralized solid and liquid human wastes (according to yu. kudenko) was to test plant tolerance of air temperature rise to 45 degrees c. tolerance was assessed as a function of nitrogen form in nutrient solutions and par inten ...201121848217
phytochemical observation and antibacterial activity of cyperus esculentus the present study various extracts of cyperus esculentus l. such as acetone, 50% ethanol, chloroform and petroleum ether were evaluated for their antibacterial activity against several human pathogens such as escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella sp, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus vulgaris, pseudomonas aeruginosa and citrobacter freundii, by using disc diffusion method. the activity of the samples were compared with that of standard antibiotics. the qualitative phytochemical ana ...200922557327
a survey of pathogens associated with cyperus esculentus l (tiger nuts) tubers sold in a ghanaian city.cyperus esculentus l, is a minor but important crop in ghana. they are noted mostly by their aphrodisiac properties among others. the nuts are often eaten raw as an unprocessed snack due to its rich flavour and texture. though eaten raw, the nuts are sometimes handled unhygienically, posing a public health threat. this study therefore aimed at determining the level and distribution of parasitic and bacterial contaminants associated with the crop as it is sold.201424906387
varying land-use has an influence on wattled and grey crowned cranes' abundance and distribution in driefontein grasslands important bird area, zimbabwe.three species of cranes are distributed widely throughout southern africa, but little is known about how they respond to the changes in land-use that have occurred in this region. this study assessed habitat preference of the two crane species across land-use categories of the self contained small scale commercial farms of 30 to 40 ha per household (a1), large scale commercial agriculture farms of > 50 ha per household (a2) and old resettlement, farms of < 5 ha per household with communal grazin ...201627875552
nutsedge counts predict meloidogyne incognita juvenile counts in an integrated management system.the southern root-knot nematode (meloidogyne incognita), yellow nutsedge (cyperus esculentus) and purple nutsedge (cyperus rotundus) are important pests in crops grown in the southern us. management of the individual pests rather than the pest complex is often unsuccessful due to mutually beneficial pest interactions. in an integrated pest management scheme using alfalfa to suppress nutsedges and m. incognita, we evaluated quadratic polynomial regression models for prediction of the number of m. ...200819259526
twelve years of repeated wild hog activity promotes population maintenance of an invasive clonal plant in a coastal dune ecosystem.invasive animals can facilitate the success of invasive plant populations through disturbance. we examined the relationship between the repeated foraging disturbance of an invasive animal and the population maintenance of an invasive plant in a coastal dune ecosystem. we hypothesized that feral wild hog (sus scrofa) populations repeatedly utilized tubers of the clonal perennial, yellow nutsedge (cyperus esculentus) as a food source and evaluated whether hog activity promoted the long-term mainte ...201627110354
favorable fragmentation: river reservoirs can impede downstream expansion of riparian weeds.river valleys represent biologically rich corridors characterized by natural disturbances that create moist and barren sites suitable for colonization by native riparian plants, and also by weeds. dams and reservoirs interrupt the longitudinal corridors and we hypothesized that this could restrict downstream weed expansion. to consider this "reservoir impediment" hypothesis we assessed the occurrences and abundances of weeds along a 315-km river valley corridor that commenced with an unimpounded ...201020945766
coastal bermudagrass rotation and fallow for management of nematodes and soilborne fungi on vegetable crops.the efficacy of clean fallow, bermudagrass (cynodon dactylon) as a rotational crop, and fenamiphos for control of root-knot nematode (meloidogyne incognita race 1) and soilborne fungi in okra (hibiscus esculentus), snapbean (phaseolus vulgaris), and pepper (capsicum annuum) production was evaluated in field tests from 1993 to 1995. numbers of m. incognita in the soil and root-gall indices were greater on okra than on snapbean or pepper. application of fenamiphos at 6.7 kg a.i./ha did not suppres ...199719274273
effect of application timing and method on efficacy and phytotoxicity of 1,3-d, chloropicrin and metam-sodium combinations in squash plasticulture.metam-sodium, 1,3-dichloropropene (1,3-d) and chloropicrin are widely used soil fumigants. combined application of metam-sodium and 1,3-d + chloropicrin is intended to improve efficacy and broaden spectrum of control, but little is known about the effect on crop safety. this study aimed to evaluate the effects of application timing of fumigant combinations on soilborne pest and disease control (nematodes, soil fungi and weeds) and growth of squash. two separate tests with chisel-injected and dri ...200818181144
spreading and germination of yellow nutsedge (cyperus esculentus l.) in hungary.yellow nutsedge (cyperus esculentus) is a cosmopolitan, tropical, subtropical plant. on the basis of ujvarosi life-form it is a g2 perennial plant, overwintering with tubers in the soil. it occurs in all continents: along eastern and western coastlines of africa and even in south-africa, north and south america, japan, india, near-eastern countries, western, southern and eastern europe. it has been spread since the 70's in europe, but its remarkable occurrence was between 1980 and 1995 years. no ...200617390823
claviceps cyperi, a new cause of severe ergotism in dairy cattle consuming maize silage and teff hay contaminated with ergotised cyperus esculentus (nut sedge) on the highveld of south africa.during december/january 1996/97 typical summer syndrome (hyperthermia and a 30% drop in milk yield) occurred in succession in two holstein dairy herds (n=240 and n=150 milking cows, respectively) on the south african highveld. these farms are situated in the midst of the prime maize and dairy farming areas of south africa where this condition had never been diagnosed before. the individual components of the concentrate on both farms were negative for ergot alkaloids. endophytic fungi and/or ergo ...200515991703
microbial counts and invert sugars in juice extracts from stored tubers of cyperus esculentus linn. (earth almond).the microbial populations and the levels of invert sugars in juice extracts from healthy tubers of cyperus esculentus l. stored at 10, 20, 30 and 40 degrees c were determined. bacterial counts increased with time and attained the peak on the 25th and 35th d at 40 and 30 degrees c respectively. similar trends were obtained for the yeasts, but the peak counts were recorded on the 20th and 35th d at 40 and 30 degrees c respectively. at 10 and 20 degrees c, the counts, both for bacteria and yeasts i ...19938121474
antibacterial activities of the methanol extracts of seven cameroonian dietary plants against bacteria expressing mdr phenotypes.the morbidity and mortality caused by bacterial infections significantly increased with resistance to commonly used antibiotics. this is partially due to the activation of efflux pumps in gram-negative bacteria. the present work designed to assess the in vitro antibacterial activities of seven cameroonian dietary plants (sesamum indicum, sesamum radiatum, cinnamomum zeylanicum, corchous olitorius, cyperus esculentus, adansonia digitata, aframomum kayserianum), against multidrug resistant (mdr) g ...201323961425
a molecular survey concerning the origin of cyperus esculentus (cyperaceae, poales): two sides of the same coin (weed vs. crop).cyperus esculentus is widespread in tropical and temperate zones and is also present in cooler regions. it is used as a crop plant, but it also occurs in the wild and as a weed. as a consequence of its ecological plasticity, c. esculentus has remarkable variability, with several morphotypes. four wild-type varieties are presently recognized, in addition to the cultivated form. this study investigates the phylogenetic position and biogeography of c. esculentus with the objective of contributing n ...201525694438
phytoremediation of cd, cr, cu, mn, fe, ni, pb and zn from aqueous solution using phragmites cummunis, typha angustifolia and cyperus esculentus.a comparative bioaccumulation pattern and ultra structural changes were studied in phragmites cummunis, typha angustifolia and cyperus esculentus in mixed metals solution of cadmium (cd), chromium (cr), copper (cu), iron (fe), manganese (mn), nickel (ni), lead (pb) and zinc (zn). p. cummunis was observed to be a shoot accumulator for cr, fe, mn, ni, pb, and zn. however, t. angustifolia was found to be a root accumulator for cd, cr, cu, fe, ni and pb. in addition, c. esculentus also accumulated m ...201121972504
characterization of oil and starch accumulation in tubers of cyperus esculentus var. sativus (cyperaceae): a novel model system to study oil reserves in nonseed tissues. 201021616827
dynamic high pressure microfluidization-assisted extraction and bioactivities of cyperus esculentus (c. esculentus l.) leaves flavonoids.the aim of this work was to study the effect of dynamic high pressure microfluidization (dhpm) on extracting total flavonoids from cyperus esculentus l. (c. esculentus l.) leaves and to evaluate the antioxidant activity and antibacterial property of these flavonoids. in all the assays, pretreatment with dhpm was found to not only efficiently improve the yield of total flavonoids but also strengthen the antioxidant activity of the total flavonoids. c. esculentus l. leaves flavonoids had pronounce ...201626304354
influence of cyperus esculentus tubers (tiger nut) on male rat copulatory behavior.cyperus esculentus tubers (tiger nut) are one of the ancient food sources known to humanity. it is traditionally used in the middle east to stimulate sexual arousal in men. however, there has been no scientific evidence about its assumed aphrodisiac properties. this study aimed to investigate the influence of tiger nut on the copulatory behavior of sexually active male rats.201526400055
study on the development of yellow nutsedge (cyperus esculentus l.) with growth analysis.yellow nutsedge (cyperus esculentus) is a cosmopolitan, tropical, subtropical plant. nowadays, the working committee of invasive plants of the eppo considers it as a highly damaging internationally important weed. during our work the development of the yellow nutsedge grown was examined until the end of flowering. the 5 repetition pot experiment has been started april 19 2007. large-sized pots were filled with a mixture of mould and sandy loam in a ratio of 1:1, and planted in each pot 25 yellow ...200819226851
enhancing the recovery of tiger nut (cyperus esculentus) oil by mechanical pressing: moisture content, particle size, high pressure and enzymatic pre-treatment effects.tiger nut (cyperus esculentus) tuber contains oil that is high in monounsaturated fatty acids, and this oil makes up about 23% of the tuber. the study aimed at evaluating the impact of several factors and enzymatic pre-treatment on the recovery of pressed tiger nut oil. smaller particles were more favourable for pressing. high pressure pre-treatment did not increase oil recovery but enzymatic treatment did. the highest yield obtained by enzymatic treatment prior to mechanical extraction was 33% ...201626471565
physicochemical characteristics and composition of three morphotypes of cyperus esculentus tubers and tuber oils.tuber characteristics and nutrient composition of three morphotypes of cyperus esculentus tubers and tuber oils were determined. the mean value for length and width of the tuber and one thousand dried tuber weights ranged from 0.98 to 1.31 cm, 0.90 to 1.19 cm, and 598 to 1044 g, respectively. tubers displayed high level of starch (30.54-33.21 g 100 g(-1)), lipid (24.91-28.94 g 100 g(-1)), and sucrose (17.98-20.39 g 100 g(-1)). the yellow tubers had significantly higher content in lipid compared ...201526539305
phytoremediation potential and ecological and phenological changes of native pioneer plants from weathered oil spill-impacted sites at tropical native plant species from weathered oil spill-affected sites were selected to study their potential for phytoremediation on the basis of their ecological and phenological changes during the phytoremediation process. experiments were conducted in field and in greenhouse. in field, native plants from aged oil spill-impacted sites with up 400 g of weathered petroleum hydrocarbons per kilogram soil were selected. in the impacted sites, the principal dominant plant species with potential for ...201627164872
widespread occurrence of phthalic acid esters in raw oilseeds in china used for edible vegetable oil different phthalic acid esters (paes) were quantified in 124 samples of 16 types of oilseeds from china using a simplified gc-ms method. di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate and di-n-butyl phthalate were found in all tested oilseed samples. each made a high contribution to the summed total paes. total pae concentrations in 124 oilseeds ranged from 0.14 to 3.05 mg kg(-1), and the mean was 0.99 mg kg(-1). mandulapalka (cyperus esculentus) samples were the most severely contaminated among all the tested ...201627603777
a preliminary investigation into the biofuel characteristics of tigernut (cyperus esculentus) oil.laboratory scale experiments were carried out to produce and characterise biofuel from tigernut (cyperus esculentus) oil. transesterification of tigernut oil afforded methyl and ethyl esters, which had fuel properties similar to common biofuels, hence tigernut could be utilised as an alternative renewable energy resource.200111396913
oil biosynthesis in underground oil-rich storage vegetative tissue: comparison of cyperus esculentus tuber with oil seeds and fruits.cyperus esculentus is unique in that it can accumulate rich oil in its tubers. however, the underlying mechanism of tuber oil biosynthesis is still unclear. our transcriptional analyses of the pathways from pyruvate production up to triacylglycerol (tag) accumulation in tubers revealed many distinct species-specific lipid expression patterns from oil seeds and fruits, indicating that in c. esculentus tuber: (i) carbon flux from sucrose toward plastid pyruvate could be produced mostly through the ...201627742886
effect of tiger-nut (cyperus esculentus) milk co-product on the surface and diffusional properties of a wheat-based matrix.the food processing industry generates huge volumes of waste and co-products which still contain valuable compounds. tiger-nut milk production generates large amounts of a co-product with a high insoluble fibre content, which is interesting as a bioactive component from a nutritional viewpoint. this co-product is formed by two different tissues in composition, particle size and colour terms, so two different flours were obtained from them. both flours were included in a wheat-based matrix at dif ...201728159295
the role of adaptive trans-generational plasticity in biological invasions of plants.high-impact biological invasions often involve establishment and spread in disturbed, high-resource patches followed by establishment and spread in biotically or abiotically stressful areas. evolutionary change may be required for the second phase of invasion (establishment and spread in stressful areas) to occur. when species have low genetic diversity and short selection history, within-generation phenotypic plasticity is often cited as the mechanism through which spread across multiple habita ...201025567918
preparation of dietary fiber powder from tiger nut (cyperus esculentus) milk ("horchata") byproducts and its physicochemical properties."horchata" is a vegetable milk obtained from tiger nuts. the solid waste from horchata production was analyzed for physicochemical and microbial properties, aiming to determine its potential use as a fiber source for the food industry. the solid waste contains a high proportion of total dietary fiber (59.71 g/100 g), composed mainly of insoluble dietary fiber (99.8%). it has a high water-holding capacity (8.01 g/g) and oil-holding capacity (6.92 g/g) and a low water absorption (1.79 g/g) and wat ...200919670887
differential cold tolerance, starch, sugar, protein, and lipid of yellow and purple nutsedge tubers.from measurements of viability after exposure of tubers to natural overwintering in the soil and 6 weeks exposure at 2 c, species cold tolerance of the tubers was ranked in decreasing order: yellow nutsedge ;i' (cyperus esculentus l.), an ecotype originating in illinois; yellow nutsedge ;g', an ecotype originating in georgia; and purple nutsedge (cyperus rotundus l.). the ratios of unsaturated-saturated fatty acids in tuber triglycerides, tuber polar lipids, and leaf polar lipids followed the sa ...197516659181
[earth almond (cyperus esculentus l.), a little-known high quality nutritional, medicinal and ornamental plant]. 195513280335
effects of elevated atmospheric co2 on invasive plants: comparison of purple and yellow nutsedge (cyperus rotundus l. and c. esculentus l.).the rise in atmospheric co(2) concentration coupled with its direct, often positive, effect on the growth of plants raises the question of the response of invasive plants to elevated atmospheric co(2) levels. response of two invasive weeds [purple nutsedge (cyperus rotundus l.) and yellow nutsedge (cyperus esculentus l.)] to co(2) enrichment was tested. plants were exposed to ambient (375 micromol mol(-1)) or elevated co(2) (ambient + 200 micromol mol(-1)) for 71 d in open top chambers. photosyn ...201318268302
distribution and efficacy of drip-applied metam-sodium against the survival of rhizoctonia solani and yellow nutsedge in plastic-mulched sandy soil beds.the effects of metam-sodium application rate on soil residence time, spatial and temporal distributions of methyl isothiocyanate and pest control efficacy were studied in a georgia sandy soil. metam-sodium 420 g l(-1) sl was drip applied at rates of 147 and 295 l ha(-1) in plastic-mulched raised beds. methyl isothiocyanate concentrations in soil air space were monitored from four preselected sites: 10 and 20 cm below the emitter, and 20 and 30 cm laterally away from the emitter at 3, 12, 24, 48, ...200717397113
amino acid, mineral and fatty acid content of pumpkin seeds (cucurbita spp) and cyperus esculentus nuts in the republic of niger.dried seeds and nuts are widely consumed by indigenous populations of the western sahel, especially those who inhabit rural areas. in light of the need for quantitative information regarding the content of particular nutrients in these plant foods, we collected dried pumpkin (cucurbita spp) seeds and nuts of cyperus esculentus in the republic of niger and analyzed them for their content of essential amino acids, minerals and trace elements, and fatty acids. on a dry weight basis, pumpkin seed co ...200616770692
fumigant combinations for cyperus esculentum l control.the phase-out of methyl bromide as a soil fumigant has stimulated research into the use of other soil fumigants for weed control. methyl bromide, methyl iodide, propargyl bromide, 1,3-dichloropropene (1,3-d) and metam-sodium were tested alone and in combination with chloropicrin in laboratory experiments to determine their efficacy against cyperus esculentus l (yellow nutsedge) tubers. propargyl bromide and metam-sodium were the most efficacious fumigants tested, with ec50 values of 3.7 and 6.5 ...200415119599
esterified phenolics of the cell walls of chufa (cyperus esculentusl. ) tubers and their role in texture.chufas (cyperus esculentus) are edible tubers that, like chinese waterchestnut (cwc), are very crisp when raw and do not soften when cooked. the present study compares the mechanical properties of chufas with those of potato and cwc in relation to the carbohydrate and phenolic compositions of the cell walls. the cutting toughness of raw chufa was higher than that of raw cwc and potato; its value decreased on boiling, as also observed with cwc, but remained over twice that of raw potato. chufa ce ...200011141285
effects of coal gasification slag as a substrate for the plant cyperus esculentus and the worm eisenia fetida.a further development of the coal gasification process will result in an increase of the amount of coal gasification slag (cgs). as yet little is known about the effects of storage in uncovered dumps. if there are any environmental effects, they are most likely caused by accumulation of metals from the cgs or by unacceptable physical properties of the cgs. growth inhibition, mortality, and metal accumulation were analyzed for the plant cyperus esculentus and the worm eisenia fetida on cgs substr ...19921385078
potato tuber expression of arabidopsis wrinkled1 increase triacylglycerol and membrane lipids while affecting central carbohydrate metabolism.tuber and root crops virtually exclusively accumulate storage products in the form of carbohydrates. an exception is yellow nutsedge (cyperus esculentus) in which tubers have the capacity to store starch and triacylglycerols (tag) in roughly equal amounts. this suggests that a tuber crop can efficiently handle accumulation of energy dense oil. from a nutritional as well as economic aspect, it would be of interest to utilize the high yield capacity of tuber or root crops for oil accumulation simi ...201626914183
biological control of yellow nutsedge with the indigenous rust fungus puccinia canaliculata.yellow nutsedge (cyperus esculentus l.) is a serious weed problem in the united states and other countries. an indigenous rust fungus [puccinia canaliculata (schw.) lagerh.], pathogenic on yellow nutsedge, was released in early spring as a potential biological control agent. the fungus inhibited nutsedge flowering and new tuber formation. the fungus also dehydrated and killed nutsedge plants. the successful control of yellow nutsedge by a rust epiphytotic under experimental conditions demonstrat ...198317735196
cyperus tubers protect meloidogyne incognita from 1,3-dichloropropene.meloidogyne incognita-infected and noninfected tubers of yellow nutsedge (cyperus esculentus) and purple nutsedge (cyperus rotundus) were treated with 56 l/ha 1,3-dichloropropene (1,3-d) in microplots and subsequently examined for tuber and nematode viability in the greenhouse using a chile pepper (capsicum annuum) bioassay system. the study was conducted three times. nutsedge tuber viability and m. incognita harbored in both yellow and purple nutsedge tubers were unaffected by 1,3-d treatment. ...200419262797
processing effects on the antioxidant activities of beverage blends developed from cyperus esculentus, hibiscus sabdariffa, and moringa oleifera extracts.the discovery of bioactive compounds in foods has changed the dietary lifestyle of many people. cyperus esculentus (tigernut) is highly underutilized in africa, yet tigernut extract is highly profitable in europe. this study aims to add value to tigernut extract by revealing its health benefits and food value. in this study, tigernut tubers were germinated or roasted and the extracts were combined with moringa oleifera extract (moe) or hibiscus sabdariffa extract (hse) and spiced with ginger to ...201425320721
bio-monitoring for uranium using stream-side terrestrial plants and macrophytes.this study evaluated the abilities of various plant species to act as bio-monitors for environmental uranium (u) contamination. vegetation and soil samples were collected from a u processing facility. the water-way fed from facility storm and processing effluents was the focal sample site as it represented a primary u transport mechanism. soils and sediments from areas exposed to contamination possessed u concentrations that averaged 630 mg u kg(-1). aquatic mosses proved to be exceptional accum ...201222318309
first report of resistance to acetolactate-synthase-inhibiting herbicides in yellow nutsedge (cyperus esculentus): confirmation and characterization.yellow nutsedge is one of the most problematic sedges in arkansas rice, requiring the frequent use of halosulfuron (sulfonylurea) for its control. in the summer of 2012, halosulfuron at 53 g ha(-1) (labeled field rate) failed to control yellow nutsedge. the level of resistance to halosulfuron was determined in the putative resistant biotype, and its cross-resistance to other acetolactate synthase (als) inhibitors from four different herbicide families. als enzyme assays and analysis of the als g ...201525307777
effect of tiger nut fibre addition on the quality and safety of a dry-cured pork sausage ("chorizo") during the dry-curing process.there is a growing interest in the revalorization of co-products from the food industry. co-products from tiger nuts (cyperus esculentus) milk production are a suitable fibre source. "chorizo" is the most popular dry-cured meat product in spain. the aim of this work was to study the effect of the tiger nut fibre addition (0, 5, and 7.5%) on the quality (composition, physicochemical, and sensorial properties) and safety (oxidation and microbial quality) of a spanish dry-cured sausage, during the ...201323793111
biodiesel production from hydrolysate of cyperus esculentus waste by chlorella reduce the cost of algal-based biodiesel, a waste material from oil industry, cyperus esculentus waste, was used as the carbon source of the oleaginous microalgae chlorella vulgaris. it demonstrated that c. vulgaris grew better in c. esculentus waste hydrolysate (cewh(1)) than in glucose medium under the same reducing sugar concentration. cewh concentration influenced the cell growth and lipid production significantly. the maximum lipid productivity 438.85 mg l(-1) d(-1) was achieved at 40 g ...201323548401
the in vitro and in vivo antioxidant properties of cyperus esculentus oil from xinjiang, china.cyperus esculentus oil is also known as the new health care oil. this study aimed to analyse the fatty acid profile and content of c. esculentus oil by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and to assess the antioxidant activity of c. esculentus oil. these properties were evaluated based on the reducing power, hydroxyl radical and diphenyl picryl hydrazyl radical scavenging, and a combination of in vitro and in vivo antioxidant experiments.201323138226
volatile constituents of roasted tigernut oil (cyperus esculentus l.).volatile compounds play a key role in determining the sensory appreciation of vegetable oils. in this study a systematic evaluation of odorants responsible for the characteristic flavour of roasted tigernut oil was carried out.201322936608
physicochemical and binder properties of starch obtained from cyperus esculentus.the purpose of this study was to isolate starch from the tubers of cyperus esculentus l. and evaluate its physicochemical and binder properties. extraction of starch using sodium metabisulfite yielded 37 g of starch per 100 g of the tubers. scanning electron microscopy indicated that cyperus starch consists of oval to elliptical particles with a smooth surface. cyperus starch demonstrates a narrow particle size distribution with a mean of 8.25 μm. cyperus starch conforms well to united states ph ...201222350737
[chufa (cyperus esculentus) as a source of vegetable fats in a sealed life-support system].the cultivation schemes, productivity, total biochemical, lipid in particular, composition of nodules of chufa (cyperus esculentus) were studied, using a phytotron. upon continuous illumination chufa yielded a high total productivity and a satisfactory coefficient of economic effectiveness (not less than 50%). chufa nodules have an optimal ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats containing essential fatty acids. to meet man's requirements for vegetable oils and essential fatty acids, it is nec ...201240065
potential natural exposure of mississippi sandhill cranes to aflatoxin b1.a survey was conducted to determine if carcinogenic mycotoxins were present in foods consumed by mississippi sandhill cranes (grus canadensis pulla). samples of field corn (zea mays) (n = 111) and chufa (cyperus esculentus) (n = 20), obtained in 1987, 1988 and 1989 on the mississippi sandhill crane national wildlife refuge (mscnwr) and nearby private lands were analyzed for aflatoxin b1(ab1), ochratoxin a and sterigmatocystin using thin layer chromatography. chufa samples were negative for all t ...19911758031
transcriptional transitions in nicotiana benthamiana leaves upon induction of oil synthesis by wrinkled1 homologs from diverse species and tissues.carbon accumulation and remobilization are essential mechanisms in plants to ensure energy transfer between plant tissues with different functions or metabolic needs and to support new generations. knowledge about the regulation of carbon allocation into oil (triacylglycerol) in plant storage tissue can be of great economic and environmental importance for developing new high-yielding oil crops. here, the effect on global gene expression as well as on physiological changes in leaves transiently ...201526253704
fungal planet description sheets: 214-280.novel species of microfungi described in the present study include the following from south africa: cercosporella dolichandrae from dolichandra unguiscati, seiridium podocarpi from podocarpus latifolius, pseudocercospora parapseudarthriae from pseudarthria hookeri, neodevriesia coryneliae from corynelia uberata on leaves of afrocarpus falcatus, ramichloridium eucleae from euclea undulata and stachybotrys aloeticola from aloe sp. (south africa), as novel member of the stachybotriaceae fam. nov. s ...201425264390
meloidogyne incognita inoculum source affects host suitability and growth of yellow nutsedge and chile pepper.meloidogyne incognita (mi) reproduction and host plant responses in chile pepper (capsicum annuum) and yellow nutsedge (cyperus esculentus = yns) to three sources of inoculum obtained by rearing a single mi population on chile, yns, and tomato were evaluated in two factorial greenhouse experiments. the interactive effects of mi inoculum source and crop-weed competition were determined. in the absence of yns competition, chile growth was reduced less by mi inoculum from chile than by inoculum fro ...199719274174
susceptibility of several common subtropical weeds to meloidogyne arenaria, m. incognita, and m. javanica.experiments were conducted in the greenhouse to assess root galling and egg production of three root-knot nematode species, meloidogyne arenaria, m. incognita, and m. javanica, on several weeds common to florida agricultural land. weeds evaluated were amaranthus retroflexus (redroot pigweed), cyperus esculentus (yellow nutsedge), eleusine indica (goosegrass), portulaca oleracea (common purslane), and solanum americanum (american black nightshade). additionally, although it is recommended as a co ...201223482324
cloning and characterization of adp-glucose pyrophosphorylase small subunit gene in cyperus esculentus (yellow nutsedge).adp-glucose pyrophosphorylase (adpglcppase) controls the first committed step of starch synthesis by catalyzing the biosynthesis of adp-glucose from glucose-phosphate and atp. it is a tetrameric protein consisting of two small and two large subunits. the small subunits have a catalytic function, while the large subunits regulate the enzyme activity. cyperus esculentus (yellow nutsedge) is a perennial c4 plant grown from rhizomes and tubers. previous studies on yellow nutsedge have mostly focused ...201526782478
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