investigation on the transfer of fleas among small mammals using radioactive phosphorus.the transfer of fleas megabothris turbidus, ctenophthalmus agyrtes, nosopsyllus fasciatus etc. was investigated by labelling the bank vole (clethrionomys glareolus schreb.) with radioactive phosphorus. on the one hand, the process of flea transfer was traced among different individuals of the same host species, and on the other, among different host species (c. glareolus, apodemus flavicollis melch.). the investigations revealed that the flea transfer in a rodent nest visited by another host dep ...1979396209
identification of rickettsia spp. and bartonella spp. in ffrom the thai-myanmar border.during a survey for possible rickettsial vectors in villages of the central part of the thai-myanmar border from september 2001 to february 2002, four species of fleas were collected from common peridomestic animals. all fleas were tested by pcr to detect dna of bacteria of the genera rickettsia (glta and ompb genes) and bartonella (its and ftsz genes). sequencing of pcr-amplified products was done using glta fragments for rickettsia and ftsz fragments for bartonella: two genotypes related to ri ...200312860622
lxxx. observations on the length of time that fleas (ceratophyllus fasciatus) carrying bacillus pestis in their alimentary canals are able to survive in the absence of a host and retain the power to re-infect with plague. 191520474603
the biology of ceratophyllus fasciatus bosc., the common rat-flea of great britain. 191420474570
lxxi. the effect of the vapours of various insecticides upon fleas (ceratophyllus fasciatus and xenopsylla cheopis) at each stage in their life history and upon the bed bug (cimex lectularius) in its larval stage. 191420474559
reproduction, structure and host specificity of trypanosoma (herpetosoms) tamiasi sp. n. from the eastern chipmunk, tamias striatus.trypanosoma (herpetosoma) tamiasi sp. n. is described from blood and organs of the eastern chipmunk, tamias striatus, and the least chipmunk, eutamias minimus. in experimentally infected tamias striatus and e. minimus, trypanosoma tamiasi reproduced by equal binary fission in the trypo-, sphaero-, epi-, or amastigote form, mainly in lymphoid organs. trypomastigotes developed from amastigotes through epimastigotes, or from sphaeromastigotes, mainly in the same organs. the mean lengths of body ...19751117439
first report of siphonaptera infesting microtus (microtus) cabrerae (rodentia-muridae-arvicolinae) in cuenca, spain and notes about the morphologic variability of ctenophthalmus (ctenophthalmus) apertus personatus (insecta-siphonaptera-ctenophthalmidae).the fleas infesting microtus (microtus) cabrerae from three different areas of cuenca province (spain) have been studied. it is the first time that on ectoparasitological study of this badly known rodent has been done. four siphonaptera species have been detected: rhadinopsylla (actenophthalmus) pentacantha, peromyscopsylla spectabilis spectabilis, nosopsyllus fasciatus and ctenophthalmus (ctenophthalmus) apertus personatus, which was the most abundant species (26 males and 31 females of a total ...200312847919
[nature of the parasite-host relations of the entomopathogenic fungi, metarrhizium anisopliae (metsch.) sorokin and beauveria bassiana (bals.) vouill. (fungi imperfecti) to ceratophyllus fasciatus bosc. (siphonaptera) fleas]. 1978567273
the multiplication of the virus of mexican typhus fever in fleas.the virus of mexican typhus has been shown to multiply abundantly in the following species of fleas: xenopsylla cheopis, ceratophyllus fasciatus, leptopsylla musculi, ctenocephalus canis, ctenocephalus felis. in all fleas, rickettsia prowazeki was demonstrated within the epithelial cells of the stomach and within the cells of the malpighian tubules. whereas in infected lice enormous numbers of these organisms are discharged from the disintegrating cells into the intestinal content, only few rick ...193219869993
transmission of salmonella enteritidis by the rat fleas xenopsylla cheopis and nosopsyllus fasciatus. 194918137984
[flea ceratophyllus fasciatus as the vector of the altai-mountain strain of plague microbe].the work was conducted with a typical strain of the plague agent, which is virulent to white mice and little virulent to guinea pigs (subcutaneous infection), and with c. fasciatus. the fleas of this species can be infected, form the block of proventriculus within 4 to 35 days, transmit the agent during bloodsucking to healthy animals and cause the death both white mice and guinea pigs.1977896271
[experimental interspecific hybridization in fleas of the genus nosopsyllus (siphonaptera: ceratophyllidae)].experimental interspecific hybridization between males and females of nosopsyllus fasciatus and n. mokrzeckyi was carried out. most abundant progeny was obtained after hybridization between n. fasciatus females and n. mokrzeckyi males. hybrid descendants inherited, in general, the characters of the maternal species and in less number the paternal characters and those of both parents. the fecundity of hybrid progeny of n. fasciatus females and n. mokrzeckyi males in two generations was studied. a ...19921297970
[neoparasitylenchus megabothridis n. sp. (tylenchida: allantonematidae) parasite of megabothris tubidus (siphonaptera: ceratophyllidae); observations on fleas tylenchides in the s.w. of europa (author's transl)].a number of nematodes (tylenchida, allantonematidae) were observed in 11 species of siphonaptera from the south-west of europe. the fleas belong of 4 differents families (pulicidae, vermipsyllidae,hystrichopsyllidae, ceratophyllidae). neoparasitylenchus megabothridis n. sp., parasite of the flea megabothris turbidus (rothschild, 1909), is described and the life cycle given. it shows little pathogenicity to tis host. psyllotylenchus sp. parasite of nosopsyllus fasciatus (bosc, 1801), appears to b ...1978697290
the pathogenesis of rheumatic fever in its climatological relationship to a possible insect carrier.a short while ago a special sub-committee of the british medical association [1] sat to inquire into the problem of rheumatic heart disease in children, and suggested, among other conclusions, that the material for any accurate world map of the incidence of rheumatism was probably not available. my objects in presenting this paper are:-(1) to provide data for this map.(2) to show that the geographical distribution of rheumatic fever coincides with that of the common rat flea, ceratophyllus fasci ...192819986438
ectoparasites of the ground squirrel (citellus citellus (l.)) in turkey.a total of 100 ground squirrels, citellus (c.) citellus were trapped in rural regions of konya in order to determine the presence of ectoparasites. of these c. citellus examined, 16% (16/100) were infected with at least one ectoparasite species. two types of ectoparasites were found including 10% fleas and 7% ticks. only two flea species were found on c. citellus including nosopsyllus fasciatus 10% (10/100) and pulex irritans 1% (1/100). also, only two species of ticks were found on the c. citel ...200818645946
[emergence of resistance to ddt in the rat flea ceratophyllus fasciatus bosc. in the laboratory]. 19744449529
[electron microscopic study of the malpighian tubules in fleas (siphonaptera)].a study was carried out of ultrastructure of malpighian tubules of 4 species of fleas as follows: xenopsylla cheopis, ceratophyllus fasciatus, leptopsylla segnis, ctenophthalmus orientalis. all cells of malpighian tubules are of polar structure: their apical department is represented with microvilli while basal one--with a system of membrane invaginations forming the basal labyrinth. the most developed system of basal invaginations is observed in distal cells of the malpighian tubules. microvill ...19836856327
investigation of the ecology of francisella tularensis during an inter-epizootic period.abstract a 1-year study of the ecological cycle of francisella tularensis was performed in an enzootic area during an inter-epizootic period. the study was based on multiple sampling of all major constituents of the disease cycle. seroprevalence of tularemia in the european brown hare (lepus europaeus) population was 5.1% (10/197) with low antibody titers (1/10 and 1/20), and f. tularensis ssp. holarctica was isolated from four hares. f. tularensis was not detected in the 38 common voles (microt ...201021142970
feline and canine leishmaniosis and other vector-borne diseases in the aeolian islands: pathogen and vector circulation in a confined environment.vector-borne diseases (vbds) are prevalently investigated in dogs. studies on feline vbds are scant, though feline leishmaniosis (fel) is increasingly recognised as a disease of cats in endemic areas. comprehensive investigations on the distribution of vbds in populations of cats and dogs living in relatively small geographical areas, such as islands, are currently lacking. in this study the prevalence of leishmania infantum and other vbd pathogens was assessed in cohorts of cats and dogs living ...201728288759
[apropos of field disinsection of ceratophyllus fasciatus and xenopsylla cheopis]. 196514345018
the transmission of trypanosoma lewisi by the rat-flea (ceratophyllus fasciatus). 191120765658
macroparasites of pallas's squirrels (callosciurus erythraeus) introduced into europe.introduced pets released in natura can lead to sanitary risks for native fauna and humans. we analysed the macroparasite fauna of a total of 49 pallas's squirrels, callosciurus erythraeus, from two populations introduced into urbanised areas in europe (n=16 female symbol and 13 male symbol from antibes, france, 43 degrees 33'n-7 degrees 7'e; n=11 female symbol and 9 male symbol in from dadizele, belgium, 50 degrees 52'n-3 degrees 5'e). of the 185 identified ectoparasites from antibes, 183 were s ...201020493636
flea infestation reduces the life span of the common vole.parasitism is often a source of variation in host's fitness components. understanding and estimating its relative importance for fitness components of hosts is fundamental from physiological, ecological and evolutionary perspectives. host-parasite studies have often reported parasite-induced reduction of host fecundity, whereas the effect of parasitism on host survival has been largely neglected. here, we experimentally investigated the effect of infestation by rat fleas (nosopsyllus fasciatus) ...200919660158
[psyllotylenchus chabaudi, n. sp. (nematodea, tylenchida: allantonematidae), a parasite of nosopsyllus fasciatus (bosc) (siphonaptera: ceratophyllidae)].the authors describe a new species of entomogenous nematoda: psyllotylenchus chabaudi n. sp. (tylenchida: allantonematidae) parasite of nosopsyllus fasciatus (bosc) (siphonaptera: ceratophyllidae), a rat flea, accidentally present on oryctolagus cuniculus. the new species of allantonematidae presents in particular a very large preuteral gland. a comparison between the species of the genus psyllotylenchus which are actually considered as valid is given in the diagnosis.19846465793
ectoparasites of free-roaming domestic cats in the central united domestic cat (felis catus) populations serve as a valuable resource for studying ectoparasite prevalence. while they share a similar environment as owned cats, free-roaming cats do not receive routine veterinary care or ectoparasiticide application, giving insight into parasite risks for owned animals. we examined up to 673 infested cats presented to a trap-neuter-return (tnr) clinic in the central united states. ectoparasite prevalences on cats were as follows: fleas (71.6%), ticks ...201627692321
species of flea (siphonaptera) infesting pets and hedgehogs in germany.the species of flea infesting pets and hedgehogs in germany were investigated through a survey of small animal practitioners throughout the country who were asked to collect specimens at their veterinary practices. a total of 625 veterinarians/veterinary practices responded and provided 2445 intact anti identifiable flea specimens. these fleas originated from 294 dogs (795 fleas), 334 cats (1152 fleas), 76 hedgehogs (481 fleas), five domestic rabbits (10 fleas), one golden hamster (four fleas) a ...200111393815
helminth parasites and arthropods of feral cats.the prevalence (%) of helminth parasites in 327 mainly adult feral cats from 3 habitat groupings in victoria and new south wales was determined. the cestodes taenia taeniaeformis (33%) and spirometra erinacei (33%) were common; dipylidium caninum was rate (2%). the nematodes toxocara cati (28%), cyathospirura dasyuridis and cylicospirura felineus combined (27%) and aelurostrongylus abstrusus (14%) were common but their prevalence differed markedly between habitats. ollulanus tricuspis (5%), gnat ...19817340783
integrated morphological and molecular identification of cat fleas (ctenocephalides felis) and dog fleas (ctenocephalides canis) vectoring rickettsia felis in central europe.fleas of the genus ctenocephalides are the most common ectoparasites infesting dogs and cats world-wide. the species ctenocephalides felis and ctenocephalides canis are competent vectors for zoonotic pathogens such as rickettsia felis and bartonella spp. improved knowledge on the diversity and phylogenetics of fleas is important for understanding flea-borne pathogen transmission cycles. fleas infesting privately owned dogs and cats from the czech republic (n=97) and romania (n=66) were subjected ...201525899079
the attachment of trypanosoma lewisi in the rectum of its vector flea nosopsyllus fasciatus. 19695789066
detection of borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato and anaplasma phagocytophilum in small mammals and ectoparasites in hungary.abstract the aim of our study was to investigate the presence of borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato (s.l.) and anaplasma phagocytophilum in small mammals and ticks using polymerase chain reaction and to gain information about the prevalence and possible coexistence of these pathogens at a selected site in hungary. two hundred seventy-seven small mammals were trapped in south-eastern hungary during 2009. tissue samples and a total of 831 ectoparasites (ixodes ricinus, ixodes acuminatus, haemaphysali ...201121736488
fleas on roof rats in six areas of los angeles county, california: their potential role in the transmission of plague and murine typhus to humans.roof rats (rattus rattus) in southern california are rarely involved with plague epizootics and murine typhus. little evidence exists implicating these rodents as sources of human infection. this might be explained by the absence of fleas capable of transmitting these 2 diseases. from february 1981 through january 1982, roof rats were live-trapped and examined for fleas each month in 4 areas of los angeles county. two other areas were trapped for 9 and 3 months respectively. areas sampled were i ...19853985278
rickettsia species in fleas collected from small mammals in slovakia.epidemiological and epizootiological studies of rickettsia felis and other rickettsia spp. are very important, because their natural cycle has not yet been established completely. in total, 315 fleas (siphonaptera) of 11 species of ceratophyllidae, hystrichopsyllidae and leptopsyllidae families were tested for the presence of rickettsia species and coxiella burnetii with conventional and specific quantitative real-time pcr assays. fleas were collected from five rodent hosts (myodes glareolus, ap ...201526346455
zoonotic and non-zoonotic parasites of wild rodents in turkman sahra, northeastern iran.this study was conducted to collect informative data on the parasitic infection of wild rodents, emphasizing on finding parasites, which have medical importance to human.201728127340
detection of flea-borne rickettsia species in the western himalayan region of india.human infections by various rickettsial species are frequently reported globally. we investigated a flea-borne rickettsial outbreak infecting 300 people in western himalayan region of india. arthropod vectors (ticks and fleas) and animal and human blood samples from affected households were analysed by glta and ompb genes based polymerase chain reaction (pcr). rat flea (ceratophyllus fasciatus) samples were found harbouring a rickettsia sp. phylogenetic analysis based on glta gene using phylip r ...201526068348
the fine-structure of the epimastigote forms of trypanosoma lewisi in the rectum of the flea, nosopsyllus fasciatus. 19695769498
wild rodent ectoparasites collected from northwestern iran.rodents play an important role as reservoir of some pathogens, and the host of some ectoparasites as well. these ectoparasites can transmit rodents' pathogens to human or animals. the aim of this study was to assess the distribution and infestation load of ectoparasites on rodents in meshkin-shahr district, northwestern iran.201729026851
season-long control of flea and tick infestations in a population of cats in the aeolian archipelago using a collar containing 10% imidacloprid and 4.5% flumethrin.cats that have outdoor access are highly exposed to ticks, fleas, mites and flying insects, though the risk to become infested by arthropods is less perceived in cats than in dogs. this has resulted in fewer treatment and prevention options being available for cats than for dogs. a collar containing a combination of 10% imidacloprid and 4.5% flumethrin (seresto®, bayer animal health) is available for cats and licensed with claims against ticks and fleas for 7-8 months. following the assessment o ...201729173546
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