the new species enterobacter oryziphilus sp. nov. and enterobacter oryzendophyticus sp. nov. are key inhabitants of the endosphere of rice.six independent gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic, non-spore-forming, nitrogen-fixing rod-shaped isolates were obtained from the root endosphere of rice grown at the international rice research institute (irri) and investigated in a polyphasic taxonomic study.201323865888
kosakonia pseudosacchari sp. nov., an endophyte of zea mays.a beige pigmented bacterial strain (jm-387(t)), isolated from field-grown corn root tissue, tallassee, alabama, was studied for its taxonomic allocation. a comparison of the 16s rrna gene sequence with those of the type strains of most closely related species of the family enterobacteriaceae showed highest sequence similarities to the type strain of kosakonia sacchari (99.5%), "enterobacter oryzendophyticus" (98.8%), and kosakonia radicincitans (98.6%). construction of phylogenetic trees based o ...201626597455
reclassification of enterobacter oryziphilus and enterobacter oryzendophyticus as kosakonia oryziphila comb. nov. and kosakonia oryzendophytica comb. nov.the taxonomic positions of enterobacter oryziphilus and enterobacter oryzendophyticus were re-examined on the basis of concatenated partial rpob, atpd, gyrb and infb gene sequence analysis. the reconstructed phylogenetic tree based upon concatenated partial rpob, atpd, gyrb and infb gene sequences clearly showed that e. oryziphilus and e. oryzendophyticus and all defined species of the genus kosakonia form a clade separate from other genera of the family enterobacteriaceae, and, therefore, these ...201627045188
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