molecular characterization and analysis of bacterial diversity in aleurocanthus woglumi (hemiptera: aleyrodidae).aleurocanthus woglumi ashby (hemiptera: aleyrodidae), commonly referred to as citrus blackfly, is a sap-sucking hemipteran insect. although polyphagous, citrus is its most preferred host plant. samples of this insect were collected from murraya koenigii (l.). the cytochrome c oxidase subunit i gene (mtco1)-based analysis by sequencing helped in molecular identification of the insect. phylogenetic analysis of cytb-nd1-lrdna showed the coevolution of a. woglumi with its primary bacterial symbiont ...201324468556
fungal phyllosphere communities are altered by indirect interactions among trophic levels.trophic interactions involving predators, herbivores, and plants have been described in terrestrial systems. however, there is almost no information on the effect of trophic interactions on microbial phyllosphere community abundance, diversity, or structure. in this study, the interaction between a parasitoid, an insect herbivore, and the fungal phyllosphere community is examined. parasitoid wasps have an indirect negative impact on fungal community diversity. on the citrus phyllosphere, the exo ...200919125306
[biology of the citrus blackfloy, aleurocanthus woglumi ashby (hemiptera: aleyrodidae), in three host plants].the citrus blackfloy, aleurocanthus woglumi ashby, was detected in brazil in 2001. the aim of this research was to evaluate the biology, biometry and host preference of a. woglumi in sweet orange, acid lime tahiti and mango. experiments were set in laboratory conditions with insects collected in rangpur lime plants in manaus, state of amazonas, from january to june of 2006. the following parameters were evaluated: number of spirals (ovopositions) and eggs per plant, number of eggs by spiral per ...200919488516
[occurrence of aleurocanthus woglumi ashby (hemiptera: aleyrodidae) in the state of maranhão, brazil].aleurocanthus woglumi ashby in citrus and mango crops in the state of maranhão, brazil, is recorded. samples of 2003 and 2004 from several counties were identified and deposited in the insect collection of the laboratório de entomologia of the núcleo de biotecnologia agronômica, universidade estadual do maranhão.200617061808
residue dynamics of acephate and methamidophos in urban dooryard citrus foliage, pompano beach, florida--august-september 1978.residues of acephate and its toxic metabolite methamidophos, attributable to the state-federal program for eradication of the citrus blackfly (cbf) [aleurocanthus woglumi ashby] on citrus foliage, were assessed in urban areas in pompano beach, florida. eighteen dooryard citrus trees were sampled on two line transects, each ca 1.6 km long, along two city streets. the trees were sampled twice monthly for five months, beginning before chemical treatments were applied, continuing through the acephat ...19807422468
nontarget impact of spinosad gf-120 bait sprays for control of the mexican fruit fly (diptera: tephritidae) in texas citrus.bait sprays containing the toxicant spinosad (gf-120) were applied to citrus groves in the rio grande valley of texas where mexican fruit flies were detected in surveillance traps. the sprays were applied as a supplement to a continuous sterile insect release program. sterile fly captures were 47-63% lower in the treated groves compared with control groves. eight of 10 secondary pest populations declined in the test groves subsequent to spray applications, but they also declined in the control g ...200516539119
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