serologic survey of eptesicus fuscus from georgia, u.s.a. for rickettsia and borrelia and laboratory transmission of a rickettsia by bat ticks.bats and their ectoparasites are associated with bacterial agents of unknown pathogenicity. we tested sera from 56 eptesicus fuscus from georgia against borrelia hermsii, orientia tsutsugamushi, rickettsia conorii, and rickettsia rickettsii. we detected antibodies reactive against a relapsing fever borrelia and spotted fever group rickettsia in 3/56 and 1/56 bats, respectively. we attempted to culture bartonella from the blood of these bats but were unsuccessful. in addition, we fed bat ticks, c ...200617249357
macro- and microgeographic variation in metabolism and hormone correlates in big brown bats (eptesicus fuscus).to better understand intraspecific variation in basal metabolic rate (bmr), we examined environmental, physiological, and/or cellular bases for residual variation in bmr in big brown bats, eptesicus fuscus. we measured bmr and plasma levels of thyroid hormone (t(3)) and leptin in bats captured in maternity colonies in eastern massachusetts (ma; northern population) and in alabama and georgia (alga; southern population) to assess macrogeographic (between- or among-population) and microgeographic ...201319758093
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