[ecology of leishmaniasis in the south of france. 3. comparative receptivity of phlebotomus ariasi tonnoir 1921 and rhipicephalus turianicus pomerancev and matikasvili, 1940 to leishmania donovani (laveran and mesnil, 1903)]. 19724655366
eleganolone, a diterpene from the french marine alga bifurcaria bifurcata inhibits growth of the human pathogens trypanosoma brucei and plasmodium extracts of 20 species of french seaweed have been screened against trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense trypomastigotes, the parasite responsible for sleeping sickness. these extracts have previously shown potent antiprotozoal activities in vitro against plasmodium falciparum and leishmania donovani. the selectivity of the extracts was also evaluated by testing cytotoxicity on a mammalian l6 cell line. the ethyl acetate extract of the brown seaweed, bifurcaria bifurcata, showed strong trypano ...201323442789
rapid identification of causative species in patients with old world leishmaniasis.conventional methods for the identification of species of leishmania parasite causing infections have limitations. by using a dna-based alternative, the present study tries to develop a new tool for this purpose. thirty-three patients living in marseilles (in the south of france) were suffering from visceral or cutaneous leishmaniasis. dna of the parasite in clinical samples (bone marrow, peripheral blood, or skin) from these patients were amplified by pcr and were directly sequenced. the sequen ...19979316906
antiprotozoal activities of organic extracts from french marine seaweeds.marine macrophytes contain a variety of biologically active compounds, some reported to have antiprotozoal activity in vitro. as a part of a screening program to search for new natural antiprotozoals, we screened hydroalcoholic and ethyl acetate extracts of 20 species of seaweeds from three phyla (rhodophyta, heterokontophyta and chlorophyta), sampled along the normandy (france) coast. we tested them in vitro against the protozoa responsible for three major endemic parasitic diseases: plasmodium ...201121747738
gp63 gene polymorphism and population structure of leishmania donovani complex: influence of the host selection pressure?the gp63 encoding genes were characterized by pcr-rflp in 35 isolates representative of the leishmania donovani complex (l. infantum, l. donovani, l. archibaldi and l. chagasi), with special attention to mediterranean l. infantum from different geographical origins, and in separate groups from old world leishmania (l. major, l. tropica and l. aethiopica). the aim was to evaluate how the possible selective pressure by the host on these important surface proteins would influence structuring of our ...200111197761
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