complete genomic sequence of the lytic bacteriophage phiyeo3-12 of yersinia enterocolitica serotype o:3.phiyeo3-12 is a t3-related lytic bacteriophage of yersinia enterocolitica serotype o:3. the nucleotide sequence of the 39,600-bp linear double-stranded dna (dsdna) genome was determined. the phage genome has direct terminal repeats of 232 bp, a gc content of 50.6%, and 54 putative genes, which are all transcribed from the same dna strand. functions were assigned to 30 genes based on the similarity of the predicted products to known proteins. a striking feature of the phiyeo3-12 genome is its ext ...200111222590
lipopolysaccharide o side chain of yersinia enterocolitica o:3 is an essential virulence factor in an orally infected murine model.the rfb gene cluster of yersinia enterocolitica o:3, responsible for the biosynthesis of the o side chain, was previously cloned, and a y. enterocolitica o:3 side chain-specific bacteriophage (phi yeo3-12) was isolated (a. al-hendy, p. toivanen, and m. skurnik, microb. pathog. 10:47-59, 1991). this paper describes the isolation and characterization of the bacteriophage phi yeo3-12-resistant mutant of y. enterocolitica o:3, yeo3-r2. lipopolysaccharide isolated from yeo3-r2 lacked the o side chain ...19921311707
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