viral aetiology of bronchiolitis in hospitalised children in qatar.bronchiolitis is considered one of the earliest and most common causes of hospitalisation in young children. development of molecular technologies allowed a better understanding of bronchiolitis aetiology. results from cohort studies evaluating the association between single, multiple viral infections and clinical outcomes are conflicting. data on viral bronchiolitis in children were found to be limited in qatar. this study aimed to determine frequency and seasonal trends of viral pathogens caus ...201728193180
clinical characteristics of respiratory syncytial virus infection in hospitalized healthy infants and young children in evaluate seasonal trends, clinical profile, and outcome of disease in previously healthy infants and young children hospitalized for respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) infection at hamad medical corporation in the state of qatar, we reviewed the records of 257 children admitted between 1 january 1996 and 31 december 1998. rsv epidemics occurred yearly during the winter months with peak hospitalizations occuring between november and february. of the 257 admissions, 160 (62.3 per cent) were male ...200111827306
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