cytochrome b gene for species identification of the conservation animals.a partial dna sequence of cytochrome b gene was used to identify the remains of endangered animals and species endemic to taiwan. the conservation of animals species included in this study were: the formosan gem-faced civets, leopard cats, tigers, clouded leopards, lion, formosan muntjacs, formosan sika deers, formosan sambars, formosan serows, water buffalo, formosan pangolins and formosan macaques. the control species used included domestic cats, domestic dogs, domestic sheeps, domestic cattle ...200111587860
ethnic-specific prevalence of hepatitis b/c virus infection in pin-jen, taiwan.the study aimed to estimate prevalence rate of hepatitis b/c virus infection by three ethnic groups including hakka, minnan, and mainlander in taiwan where there was a high incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma.200920073137
biological risk factors relevant to chronic disease in three ethnic groups in taiwan: results from li-shin outreaching neighborhood screening (lions a1).few population-based studies have compared risk factors related to chronic diseases across multiethnic groups of chinese people. consequently, we report the prevalence of common chronic disorders that make up the metabolic syndrome and compare their distribution in three ethnic subgroups: the offspring of hakka, minnan, and mainlander women.200818507279
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