leishmania donovani lipophosphoglycan (lpg) inhibits respiratory burst and chemotaxis of dog phagocytes.lipophosphoglycan (lpg) is the major glycoconjugate of leishmania promastigote surface membrane. previous studies on human and murine models have demonstrated that this molecule is involved in the attachment and survival of leishmania in the host cells. dog is the main reservoir of leishmania strains responsible for human leishmaniasis in italy. since no studies have been performed on the lpg-canine phagocyte interactions, we investigated the lpg effects on dog phagocyte functions by evaluating: ...19968722306
detection of leishmania infantum kinetoplast dna in laryngeal tissue from an immunocompetent patient.mucosal leishmaniasis of the upper respiratory tract is usually associated with the visceral form or is found in immunosuppressed individuals. this report presents a case of isolated mucosal leishmaniasis in an immunocompetent patient, whose diagnosis mainly rested on histology and positive polymerase chain reaction result for leishmania donovani in the laryngeal tissue. a 59-year-old man, who never lived outside italy, showed a subglottic mucosal polypoid-like lesion. the typical morphological ...200516226116
[kala-azar originating in ischia].four weeks after returning from a holiday on ischia, a 53-year-old man fell ill with nocturnal sweating, fever, severe general malaise and hepatosplenomegaly. sternal marrow and liver punctures revealed an infection with leishmania donovani, i.e. kala-azar. characteristic features were hyperplasia of the plasma cells in the bone marrow and liver, together with lymphoplasmocytoid cell wash-out and polyclonal igg proteinaemia. treatment with pentamidine (lomidine) was unsatisfactory, while all man ...19873652955
[leishmaniasis in rheumatoid arthritis].leishmaniasis represents a complex of diseases with an important clinical and epidemiological diversity. visceral leishmaniasis is of higher priority than cutaneous leishmaniasis as it is a fatal disease in the absence of treatment. the clinical spectrum of leishmaniasis and control of the infection are influenced by the parasite-host relationship. the role of cellular immune responses of the th1 type in the protection against disease in experimental and human leishmaniasis is well established. ...200717898884
polypeptide analysis of a "leishmania donovani" strain isolated during an outbreak of visceral leishmaniasis in northern italy.the results of the analysis of the polypeptide composition of a strain of leishmania donovani isolated during an outbreak of kala azar in northern italy are reported.19751231653
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