behaviour, development and metal accumulation in striped marsh frog tadpoles (limnodynastes peronii) exposed to coal mine wastewater.coal mining generates large quantities of complex effluent, and this often contains high levels of dissolved solids, suspended solids, metals, hydrocarbons, salts and other compounds. substantial volumes of mine wastewater are periodically discharged into the environment, through both planned and accidental releases, and this raises concerns about the potential for adverse impacts on aquatic wildlife. there have been few attempts to explore sub-lethal effects of coal mine wastewater on amphibian ...201626854186
comparative sensitivity of aquatic invertebrate and vertebrate species to wastewater from an operational coal mine in central queensland, australia.coal excavation and refinement processes generate substantial volumes of contaminated effluent that may be detrimental to aquatic ecosystems. as such, understanding the impacts of coal mine water releases on aquatic animals and ecosystems is essential for effectively managing and protecting neighboring environments. such information will ultimately be applied towards developing ongoing monitoring strategies that are protective of native wildlife. despite intensive mining operations in australia, ...201626970880
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