harzianic acid, an antifungal and plant growth promoting metabolite from trichoderma harzianum.a trichoderma harzianum strain, isolated from composted hardwood bark in western australia, was found to produce a metabolite with antifungal and plant growth promoting activity. the structure and absolute configuration of the fungal compound, harzianic acid (1), were determined by x-ray diffraction studies. harzianic acid showed antibiotic activity against pythium irregulare, sclerotinia sclerotiorum, and rhizoctonia solani. a plant growth promotion effect was observed at low concentrations of ...200919894739
predicting cereal root disease in western australia using soil dna and environmental parameters.root diseases have long been prevalent in australian grain-growing regions, and most management decisions to reduce the risk of yield loss need to be implemented before the crop is sown. the levels of pathogens that cause the major root diseases can be measured using dna-based services such as predicta b. although these pathogens are often studied individually, in the field they often occur as mixed populations and their combined effect on crop production is likely to vary across diverse croppin ...201525822184
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