[parasitism of the louse fly lipoptena fortisetosa on cattle].parasitism of lipoptena fortisetosa maa on cattle was first established. data on the distribution of this species in the ussr and its abundance on cows in moldavia are given.19892771435
new record of lipoptena fortisetosa (diptera: hippoboscidae) collected from siberian roe deer on jeju island, korea.lipoptena deer keds (diptera: hippoboscidae) are blood-sucking ectoparasites of mammals, and only one species, lipoptena cervi (l.), has previously been reported from the republic of korea. a study of siberian roe deer capreolus pygargus pallas on jeju island, south of the korean mainland, led to the discovery of a second species of deer ked, lipoptena fortisetosa maa, for korea. in total, 518 deer keds were collected from 19 adult and juvenile deer examined from may to october 2012. the infesta ...201324180125
novel detection of coxiella spp., theileria luwenshuni, and t. ovis endosymbionts in deer keds (lipoptena fortisetosa).we describe for the first time the detection of coxiella-like bacteria (clb), theileria luwenshuni, and t. ovis endosymbionts in blood-sucking deer keds. eight deer keds attached to a korean water deer were identified as lipoptena fortisetosa (diptera: hippoboscidae) by morphological and genetic analyses. among the endosymbionts assessed, clb, theileria luwenshuni, and t. ovis were identified in l. fortisetosa by pcr and nucleotide sequencing. based on phylogeny, clb 16s rrna sequences were clas ...201627244561
prevalence of keds on city dogs in central poland.the aim of this study was to identify the species of ked infesting dogs in the cities of central poland. a total of 510 dogs were observed between june and september 2015. the presence of keds was noted in 182 (35.7%) animals. keds were more prevalent in female (38.0%) than in male (33.2%) dogs, and were more frequently found in animals younger than 1 year (46.2%) and in long-haired dogs (36.6%). the body areas most heavily colonized by keds were the groin (35.4%) and neck (21.4%). a total of 90 ...201727859424
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