[practice observations of cross protection between bovine and porcine herpesviruses].in many cattle herds in lower saxony the serologic ibr/ipv = bhv-1-status is known because since 1988 the bovine herpes virus infection (bhv 1), the infectious rhinotracheitis and pustular vulvovaginitis (ibr/ipv) are being fought. through extensive investigations in five districts in the weser-ems area, it was found that cows infected by bovine herpes virus (bhv 1) are also protected to a high degree against infection by porcine herpes suis virus (shv 1). an interpretation of the observed cross ...19921332217
[experiences with the eradication of the bovine herpes virus 1 in lower saxony].in this paper first the general cascade of animal disease eradication from the voluntary control programme up to culling of infected animals is described. afterwards the development of the eradication of bovine herpes virus in lower saxony is illustrated. obvious the number of farms which are not eradicating decreases since the testing on bhv1 is obligate in germany. in 2004 60% of the cattle holdings were free from bhv1. at least the measures which will be taken in lower saxony to increase the ...200516218185
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