the study of infectious intestinal disease in england: risk factors for cases of infectious intestinal disease with campylobacter jejuni infection.this is a case-control study aimed at identifying risk factors for intestinal infection with campylobacter jejuni. cases were defined as subjects with diarrhoea occurring in community cohorts or presenting to general practitioners (gps) with campylobacter jejuni in stools. controls were selected from gp lists or cohorts, matched by age, sex, and gp practice. travel abroad and consumption of chicken in a restaurant were statistically significantly associated with being a case. there was no statis ...200111693495
investigating vomiting and/or bloody diarrhoea in campylobacter jejuni infection.campylobacter jejuni infection frequently presents as acute enteritis with diarrhoea, malaise, fever and abdominal pain. vomiting and bloody diarrhoea are reported less frequently. to investigate potential host, micro-organism or environmental factors that might explain the different clinical presentations, the features of laboratory-confirmed campylobacter jejuni cases presenting with vomiting and/or bloody diarrhoea were compared with cases who did not report either clinical manifestation. sin ...200616687593
prevalence of campylobacter spp. in raw retail poultry on sale in northern ireland.a year-long survey of fresh, retail poultry products on sale in northern ireland was undertaken to define the prevalence of campylobacter spp. by using protocols based on iso (standard) 10272-1:2006. incubation at 37 and 42 degrees c was undertaken to increase the diversity of isolates obtained. overall, 652 isolates were identified as campylobacter spp. by using pcr and amplified fragment length polymorphic typing. phenotyping wrongly identified 21% of isolates. prevalences of campylobacter fou ...200919777882
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