sporadic urban leptospirosis.surprisingly, many inner-city residents have antibodies to leptospira interrogans. the manner in which these persons acquire this organism in the absence of recognized occupational, recreational, or epidemic risk factors is not known.19968928985
a survey of zoonotic pathogens carried by norway rats in baltimore, maryland, usa.norway rats (rattus norvegicus) carry several zoonotic pathogens and because rats and humans live in close proximity in urban environments, there exists potential for transmission. to identify zoonotic agents carried by rats in baltimore, maryland, usa, we live-trapped 201 rats during 2005-2006 and screened them for a panel of viruses, bacteria, and parasites. antibodies against seoul virus (57.7%), hepatitis e virus (hev, 73.5%), leptospira interrogans (65.3%), bartonella elizabethae (34.1%), a ...200717224086
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