leucocytozoonosis in canada geese in upper michigan,. 1. strain differences among geese from different localities.geographic variation in pathogenicity of leucocytozoon simondi in canada geese (branta canadensis maxima) was investigated by exposing goslings to natural infection at three locations in the upper peninsula of michigan. examination of blood smears and tissue sections revealed two patterns of development. hepatic schizogony and secondary megaloschizogony occurred in cells of the reticuloendothelial system, with round and elongate gametocytes, or only hepatic schizonts and round gametocytes. the e ...1978416231
leucocytozoonosis in canada geese at the seney national wildlife refuge.a history is given of the seney national wildlife refuge and the losses of goslings of canada geese (branta canadensis) recorded since inception of the refuge in 1935. since 1960, when more reliable data became available, losses have been estensive every 4 years. goslings deaths are attributed to the infection with leucocytozoon simondi. the blackfly (simulium innocens) is considered to be the prime vector in the transmission of this blood parasite to goslings.1975807752
escherichia coli populations in great lakes waterfowl exhibit spatial stability and temporal shifting.populations of escherichia coli from juvenile and adult ring-billed gulls, juvenile common terns, and adult canada geese were sampled over 6 years at five locations on lake superior (duluth, mn, and wisconsin) and lake michigan (wisconsin, illinois, and indiana) to determine the extent of spatial and temporal variability in e. coli strains. strain identity was determined using horizontal fluorophore-enhanced repetitive element palindromic dna fingerprinting. multivariate statistics were used to ...200919139226
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