some biochemical characteristics of cod (gadus morhua l.) from the faroe bank compared with those from other fishing grounds. 19744810365
ecological meltdown in the firth of clyde, scotland: two centuries of change in a coastal marine ecosystem.the firth of clyde is a large inlet of the sea that extends over 100 km into scotland's west coast.201020686614
an assessment of juvenile atlantic cod gadus morhua distribution and growth using diver operated stereo-video surveys.stereo-video scuba transects were conducted during daylight hours from june to september 2013 within a proposed marine protected area (mpa) in the firth of clyde, west of scotland. more juvenile atlantic cod gadus morhua of fork length (lf ) range 6-11 cm were observed in substrata containing mixed gravel, including maerl, than in boulder-cobble substrata with high algal cover, or sand with low density seagrass. community composition was significantly different between substratum types. a decrea ...201627221152
multilocus sequence analysis of close relatives vibrio anguillarum and vibrio ordalii.the genetic heterogeneity of the close relatives vibrio anguillarum and vibrio ordalii, both serious pathogens of fish causing extensive losses in aquaculture, was studied. eight housekeeping genes, i.e., atpa, ftsz, gapa, gyrb, mreb, rpoa, topa, and pyrh, were partially sequenced in 116 isolates from diverse fish species and geographical areas. the eight genes appear to be under purifying selection, and the genetic diversity in the total data set was estimated to be 0.767 ± 0.026. our multilocu ...201627371582
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