volatile organic components of fresh leaves as indicators of indigenous and cultivated citrus species in taiwan.the volatile components of fresh leaves from 15 citrus species were investigated by headspace spme with a gc-ms analysis. three indigenous taiwan citrus species, citrus taiwanica, c. tachibana and c. depressa, were the major subjects. eighty volatile organic compounds were detected as indicators of the genetic relationship. linalool was the most abundant compound, and citronellal, geranial, neral, limonene and trans-beta-ocimene were the major volatile compounds in fresh leaves. linalool (56.37% ...201020378980
classification of aurantii fructus samples by multivariate analysis.twenty commercial samples of aurantii fructus immaturus (poncitrus trifoliata) and 30 of aurantii fructus maturus (citrus aurantium and c. wilsonii) were collected from the taiwan and china herbal markets. the contents of 12 constituents in these samples were determined by hplc and were used to assess the potential relationships with their plant origins. multivariate analysis including principal component analysis (pca), cluster analysis (ca), and linear discriminant analysis (lda) were used as ...200717638357
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