alkaloids in madagascan frogs (mantella): pumiliotoxins, indolizidines, quinolizidines, and pyrrolizidines.brightly colored ranid frogs of the genus mantella are found only in rain forests of madagascar. gc-ms and gc-ft-ir analyses of skin alkaloids of seven different species, including four populations of mantella madagascariensis, are reported. all contain one or more representatives of the pumiliotoxin a (ptx-a) class with the 13,14-dihydro derivatives 309a and 325a found in major amounts in the four populations of m. madagascariensis, while 307a (ptx-a) is found in two populations of m. madagasca ...19938377013
new evidence for parallel evolution of colour patterns in malagasy poison frogs (mantella).malagasy poison frogs of the genus mantella are diurnal and toxic amphibians of highly variable and largely aposematic coloration. previous studies provided evidence for several instances of homoplastic colour evolution in this genus but were unable to sufficiently resolve relationships among major species groups or to clarify the phylogenetic position of several crucial taxa. here, we provide cytochrome b data for 143 individuals of three species in the mantella madagascariensis group, includin ...200415548289
occurrence of skin alkaloids in non-dendrobatid frogs from brazil (bufonidae), australia (myobatrachidae) and madagascar (mantellinae).several taxa of small frogs from the southern hemisphere contain alkaloids similar or identical to compounds previously known only from neotropical poison frogs of the family dendrobatidae. skin of the brazilian toad melanophryniscus moreirae (family bufonidae) contains a new alkaloid 8-hydroxy-8-methyl-6-(5'-hydroxy-2'-methyl-hexylidene)-1-azabicycl o-[4.3.0] nonane (c16h29no2), which is designated pumiliotoxin 267c. such a structure is typical of the pumiliotoxin-a class of dendrobatid alkaloi ...19846523513
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