dietary exposure to aflatoxin from maize and groundnut in young children from benin and togo, west africa.aflatoxins are a family of fungal toxins that are carcinogenic to man and cause immunosuppression, cancer and growth reduction in animals. we conducted a cross-sectional study among 480 children (age 9 months to 5 years) across 4 agro-ecological zones (ss, ngs, sgs and cs) in benin and togo to identify the effect of aflatoxin exposure on child growth and assess the pattern of exposure. prior reports on this study [gong, y.y.,cardwell, k., hounsa, a., egal, s., turner, hall, a.j., wild, c.p., 200 ...200515979184
determinants of aflatoxin exposure in young children from benin and togo, west africa: the critical role of weaning.dietary exposure to high levels of the fungal toxin, aflatoxin, occurs in west africa, where long-term crop storage facilitates fungal growth.200312913029
public information campaign on aflatoxin contamination of maize grains in market stores in benin, ghana and togo.rotary international with the international institute of tropical agriculture (iita) conducted an information campaign from 2000 to 2004 to increase public awareness of aflatoxin in benin, ghana and togo. key informant interviews with 2416 respondents showed poor baseline knowledge of aflatoxin and its health risks. the campaign included monitoring of aflatoxin contamination in maize grains from market stores in 38 cities and towns. aflatoxin concentration in contaminated samples ranged from 24 ...200717852397
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