environmental contaminants in four eider species from alaska and arctic russia.population declines in four species of eider; common (somateria mollissima), king (somateria spectabilis), spectacled (somateria fischeri) and steller's (polysticta stelleri), have raised concerns about exposure to contaminants. livers and kidney tissues were collected from eiders in alaska and russia for organic and elemental analyses. results showed that organochlorine and many elemental levels were below toxic thresholds; however, in many cases, cadmium, copper, lead and serenium appeared hig ...200212152828
concentrations of metals and trace elements in blood of spectacled and king eiders in northern alaska, 1996, we measured concentrations of arsenic, barium, cadmium, lead, mercury, and selenium in blood of adult king (somateria spectabilis) and spectacled (somateria fischeri) eiders and duckling spectacled eiders from northern alaska, usa. concentrations of selenium exceeded background levels in all adults sampled and 9 of 12 ducklings. mercury was detected in all adult spectacled eiders and 5 of 12 ducklings. lead concentrations were above the clinical toxicity threshold in one duckling (0.64 ...200414982389
health evaluation of western arctic king eiders (somateria spectabilis).the western arctic population of king eiders (somateria spectabilis) has declined by >50% in recent years. a health assessment was conducted for adult king eiders breeding on the north slope of alaska, usa, to evaluate body condition (n=90, 2002-2006) and baseline biochemical and hematologic values (n=20-30, 2005-2006). body condition for males and females was excellent. total protein, calcium, alkaline phosphatase, amylase, and globulin were significantly higher in females than in males, likely ...201020966282
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