[current risks in the introduction of schistosomiasis into french guiana].at the moment, it seems unlikely that there is a possibility for schistosomiasis implantation in french guiana. the reasons to this are both the number of the immigrants infested by schistosoma mansoni which is quite low and the disappearance of the intermediate host biomphalaria glabrata. the disappearance of the species may be a temporary one.19873111733
biomphalaria glabrata in haiti.biomphalaria glabrata, an intermediate host for schistosoma mansoni, was first reported in haiti in 1891 at one location in the départment du nord and in 1977 it was reported at several sites in one additional watershed. our study identifies two additional locations each on a different watershed plus a third possible site. a wide but discontinuous distribution of the snail on the north coast of haiti is confirmed (no autochthonous infections with s. mansoni have been reported). while there are m ...19854082255
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