comparison of arcobacter isolation methods, and diversity of arcobacter spp. in cheshire, united kingdom.the aims of this study were, firstly, to compare five published methods for the isolation of arcobacter spp. from animal feces in order to determine the most sensitive and specific method. second, we analyzed the resulting isolates by multilocus sequence typing (mlst) in order to investigate the diversity of the isolates recovered. third, we investigated the ability to recover arcobacter spp. from frozen fecal samples. seventy-seven fecal samples from cattle, sheep, and badgers were subjected to ...201021193675
exploring the diversity of arcobacter butzleri from cattle in the uk using mlst and whole genome sequencing.arcobacter butzleri is considered to be an emerging human foodborne pathogen. the completion of an a. butzleri genome sequence along with microarray analysis of 13 isolates in 2007 revealed a surprising amount of diversity amongst a. butzleri isolates from humans, animals and food. in order to further investigate arcobacter diversity, 792 faecal samples were collected from cattle on beef and dairy farms in the north west of england. arcobacter was isolated from 42.5% of the samples and the diver ...201323405126
arcobacter spp. isolated from untreated domestic effluent.arcobacter butzleri and arcobacter cryaerophilus were isolated from samples of raw untreated domestic sewage influent from nine separate wastewater treatment facilities in cheshire, uk. this is the first report of arcobacter spp. from sewage in the uk and suggests that arcobacter spp. may be present in the human community.201424666283
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