cowpox virus pneumonia in a domestic cat in great britain. 200717435100
disease dynamics in cyclic populations of field voles (microtus agrestis): cowpox virus and vole tuberculosis (mycobacterium microti).the possible role of pathogens in rodent population cycles has been largely neglected since elton's 'epidemic hypothesis' of 1931. to revisit this question, 12 adjacent, cyclic but out-of-phase populations of field voles (microtus agrestis) in north east england were studied and the initial results are presented here. the prevalences of antibodies to cowpox virus and of clinical signs of mycobacterium microti infection (vole tuberculosis) showed delayed (not direct) density dependence (with a la ...200415255106
jenner jabs james phipps with live cowpox. 19969032882
the conquest of smallpox.smallpox has been a dreaded disease for thousands of years. recurrent epidemics traversed the known world leaving a trail of death, disfigurement, and disability unparalleled by the other great plagues. fear of smallpox provoked the first important attempts to prevent epidemic disease by a primitive form of immunization called variolation. in 1796, edward jenner developed the first effective vaccine against an infectious disease by using cowpox virus to prevent subsequent infection with smallpox ...197663281
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