avian cholera in waterfowl in saskatchewan, spring 1977.avian cholera was diagnosed in lesser snow geese (anser c. caerulescens), ross' geese (anser rossii) and individuals of several other waterfowl species in a small area of south-western saskatchewan over a 1 month period during the 1977 spring migration. approximately 250 dead birds were found. this is apparently the first time avian cholera has been reported in migrating waterfowl in canada. the site of the mortality was midway between the wintering and nesting areas of the two principal species ...1979459043
pasteurella anatipestifer infection in migrating whistling swans. 19744436930
an abattoir survey of the incidence of pneumonia in saskatchewan swine and an investigation of the microbiology of affected lungs.the lungs of 15 409 pigs, mostly from saskatchewan, slaughtered at an abattoir were examined over a one year period. the incidence of lesions was 36.7% for "enzootic" pneumonia and 2.1% for pleurisy unassociated with pneumonia. seasonal variations were recorded and compared with the results of similar surveys carried out in australia, belgium and england. mycoplasmological examination of lungs from 347 animals was consistently negative for mycoplasma hyopneumoniae. pasteurella multocida was the ...19817248880
a field trial, of preshipment vaccination, with intranasal infectious bovine rhinotracheitis-parainfluenza-3 vaccines.a total of 849 calves, 278 controls, 335 vaccinated intranasally with ibr-pi3/ts and 236 vaccinated intranasally with ibr-pi3/ptc were studied in a field trial of preimmunization. all calves were vaccinated in saskatchewan at least three weeks prior to shipment to feedlots. four hundred and twenty six calves were not sold within eight weeks of vaccination; however, seven of these died within four weeks of vaccination. treatment rates varied from 1.0% to 5.2%. there was no significant effect of v ...19836315194
epidemiological study of enzootic pneumonia in dairy calves in saskatchewan.a field study involving 325 calves from 17 dairy herds in saskatchewan was conducted to determine the risk of enzootic pneumonia and to assess its association with a number of factors. two different case definitions of pneumonia were used in the analyses: the first was based on producers' treatment risk (case1) and the second was based on semimonthly clinical examinations of calves by the research veterinarian (case2). the risk of pneumonia based on case1 was 39% and on case2 was 29%. the measur ...19938269363
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