the seasonal activity of adult ixodid ticks on angora goats in the south western orange free ixodid ticks were collected at 2-weekly intervals for a period of 23 consecutive months from 15 to 20 angora goats on a farm in the south western orange free state. a total of 6 ixodid tick species were recovered. rhipicephalus punctatus was the most abundant and prevalent tick. it was present from spring to late summer. ixodes rubicundus was the next most abundant tick and was present mainly from march or april to july with peak numbers present in april or may. the onset of this tick's ac ...19911770478
parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa. xxix. ixodid ticks on hares in the cape province and on hares and red rock rabbits in the orange free hundred and seventeen scrub hares, lepus saxatilis, were examined for ixodid ticks in various regions of the cape province. they were infested with 18 tick species and the seasonal abundances of the immature stages of amblyomma hebraeum, amblyomma marmoreum, hyalomma marginatum rufipes, rhipicephalus appendiculatus and rhipicephalus glabroscutatum and all stages of rhipicephalus oculatus and the adults of a rhipicephalus sp. (near r. oculatus) were determined. seventy-two scrub hares on 3 fa ...19911780126
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