origins of the rabies viruses associated with an outbreak in newfoundland during 2002-2003.after being free of rabies of terrestrial mammals since 1988, an outbreak of rabies occurred on the island of newfoundland in december 2002 and continued into the middle of 2003. twenty-one cases, all due to the arctic fox strain of rabies virus, were reported. to explore the immediate origins of this outbreak, viruses from the newfoundland epizootic were genetically compared to two other rabies viruses recovered in mid-2002 from cartwright, a mainland coastal community near the island. while al ...200818263824
persistence of genetic variants of the arctic fox strain of rabies virus in southern ontario.genetic-variant analysis of rabies viruses provides the most sensitive epidemiologic tool for following the spread and persistence of these viruses in their wildlife hosts. since its introduction by a southern epizootic movement that began in the far north, the arctic fox (afx) strain of rabies virus has been enzootic in ontario for almost 50 y. prior genetic studies identified 4 principal genetic variants (ont.t1 to ont.t4) that were localized to different regions of the province; furthermore, ...200616548327
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