natural infection of dogs on cape cod with rickettsia rickettsii.four isolates of rickettsiae from sick dogs on cape cod, mass., were serologically identical to isolates of rickettsia rickettsii from human patients with rocky mountain spotted fever. the antigenic analysis used the indirect fluorescent-antibody test and antisera prepared in mice to each of the isolates and to reference strains of r. rickettsii and rickettsia montana. serological responses of infected dogs were specific for r. rickettsii, although antibodies to r. montana were also detected in ...1979114534
occurrence of nervous-tissue tumors in cattle, horses, cats and dogs.from 11 north american veterinary university hospitals and clinics, 248 animals were a confirmed diagnosis of nervous-tissue tumor were identified; 7 tumors were found in cattle, 28 in horses, 14 in cats, 199 in dogs, and none in other species. tumors were divided for analysis into three categories-glial, meningeal, and peripheral nerve. in cattle and horses, all tumors involved peripheral nerves, the risk of which, in horses, reached a plateau at 4-6 years of age and remained constant thereafte ...1975165149
frequency of canine and feline tumors in a defined population.the tulsa registry of canine and feline neoplasms was the second animal tumor registry in the united states concerned with a defined population in a delimited geographic area. only tumors histologically confirmed by registry pathologists were included in frequency statistics based on the annual dog and cat population presented to veterinarians. during the first registry year, about 1% of the 63,504 dogs and 0.5% of the 11,909 cats had one or more primary tumors. while the incidence rate for mali ...1978220774
pneumonic tularemia on martha's vineyard. 1979481515
renal transplantation: a twenty-five year has played a significant role in the development of renal transplantation. in boston was performed the first successful isograft between identical twins (1954) the first successful allograft between fraternal twins (1959) and the first successful allograft from a cadaveric donor (1962). an immunosuppressive drug was also described in boston by hematologists schwartz and dameschek (1959) and modified for renal transplantation in dogs (1961) and used for the first time in a human recipient ...1976791162
massachusetts department of public health. on the alert for rocky mountain spotted fever. 19751128559
clinical and laboratory findings in small companion animals with lead poisoning: 347 cases (1977-1986).three hundred forty-seven cases of lead poisoning in small companion animals were reviewed. the yearly prevalence and overall incidence rates were examined for the 10 years before and after enactment of strict federal regulations pertaining to lead content in paint products. biographical data, clinical signs, and laboratory results were analyzed for the 6 types of affected animals (ie, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, a chinchilla, and a raccoon). clinical and laboratory findings of these animals wer ...19911885338
demographic data and treatment of small companion animals with lead poisoning: 347 cases (1977-1986).three hundred forty-seven cases of lead poisoning in small animals, diagnosed after 1976, were reviewed. the types of treatments used and their outcomes were analyzed. changes in blood lead concentrations following various treatments, as well as the sources of lead exposure, were also reviewed. the geographic origins of the cases were traced, and demographic factors were studied to determine possible correlates that might explain the regional distribution of cases.19911909308
dogs as sentinels for lyme disease in investigation of the relationship between incident human cases of lyme disease and seroprevalence of antibodies to b. burgdorferi in dogs was undertaken in order to determine whether dogs might serve as sentinels for lyme disease.19911951802
greater risk of borrelia burgdorferi infection in dogs than in people. 19883198950
hospital incidence of hypospadias in dogs in north america.a review of medical records from 17 north american university veterinary medical teaching hospitals identified 66 dogs with hypospadias. males predominated (15:1) and cryptorchidism was the most commonly diagnosed second anomaly, often associated with intersexuality. fifteen cases, diagnosed at 10 different university hospitals, were boston terriers, strongly suggesting that this breed has a familial predisposition for hypospadias. male mongrels, as a group, were seen in approximately the same p ...19863487876
the dog and his shadow: a response to overcast and evans. 19853850307
babesia species isolated from a woman with clinical babesiosis. 19714327915
fables for the instruction of youth published in boston in 1818. excerpt iv. dog and the ox. 19724561297
rabies in massachusetts--eleven years in retrospect. 19734682675
canis familiaris. 19744857135
heart transplantation--a boston perspective. 19684880099
rocky mountain spotted fever in the eastern united states. 19694881723
stature and malignant tumors of bone in childhood and adolescence. 19675229526
shock and sepsis: some historical perspectives. 19695769771
characterization of several canine populations by age, breed, and sex. 19676069498
distribution of multilocus genotypes of escherichia coli within and between host families.isolates from the intestinal escherichia coli flora of 28 members of five families (including parents, children, and household pets) in amherst, massachusetts, and rochester, new york, were characterized by the electrophoretic mobilities of 12 enzymes to estimate the extent of sharing of strains among associated and unassociated hosts. among the 655 isolates examined, 60 different combinations of electromorphs (electrophoretic types or ets), each representing a distinctive multilocus genotype, w ...19846376625
winter survival and spring breeding by the fall tick, ixodes dammini, in massachusetts (acarina : ixodidae). 19846516719
massachusetts forbids use of impounded pets in labs. 19846691141
spotted fever group rickettsiae in dermacentor variabilis from cape cod, massachusetts.spotted fever group (sfg) rickettsiae were identified by indirect immunofluorescent antibody tests in 1.1% of 6,956 specimens of dermacentor variabilis collected on cape cod, massachusetts. forty-one of 45 rickettsial isolates were serotyped as rickettsia montana, one as rickettsia rickettsii, and three were unidentified. studies of canines and humans with clinical evidence of spotted fever, and of healthy dogs with antibody to sfg rickettsiae, indicated that exposure of the canine population to ...19806773430
sosman lecture. new technology for a new century: walter b. cannon and the invisible rays. 19816779567
harvard research focuses on early detection of periodontal disease. 19806928161
frequency and distribution of medial and lateral patellar luxation in dogs: 124 cases (1982-1992).from the medical records of 124 dogs, patellar luxations were classified as congenital or acquired, medial or lateral, and unilateral or bilateral; were graded 1 to 4; and were subdivided according to size of dog. the 4 breed-size categories were based on guidelines from american kennel club standards for adult height and weight. findings from these records were compared with the results from dogs with other orthopedic problems. a majority of dogs had congenital (91; 82%), as opposed to acquired ...19947989241
lead poisoning in small companion animals: an update (1987-1992).eighty-five cases of lead poisoning in small companion animals were retrospectively studied. records from a lead toxicosis monitoring program at angell memorial animal hospital, boston ma were reviewed from 1987 through 1992. the number of cases of lead poisoning substantially declined from the previous 6 y. affected animals included 53 dogs, 20 birds, 8 cats, 3 rabbits and 1 iguana. ages ranged from 0.3-48 y, with a median age of 1.5 y. gastrointestinal and neurologic signs predominated. blood ...19948154098
the ductus and the coarctation.after robert e. gross' historic ligation of a persistent ductus arteriosus in august 1938, it took 6 years before the first coarctation was operated on. gross initiated experimental procedures directed at repair of coarctation even before the ductal operation had been performed. he had the desire, the drive, and the determination. why the delay that allowed clarence crafoord to perform the first coarctation repair in october 1944?19948279909
rabies surveillance in the united states during 1992, 49 states, the district of columbia, and puerto rico reported 8,644 cases of rabies in nonhuman animals and 1 case in a human being to the centers for disease control and prevention. almost 92% (7,912 cases) were wild animals, the largest number of wild animals ever reported, whereas 8.5% (732 cases) were domestic species. the total number of reported cases increased 23.9% over that of 1991 (6,975 cases), with most of the increase resulting from continued spread of rabies in raccoons. t ...19938307825
canine exposure to borrelia burgdorferi and prevalence of ixodes dammini (acari: ixodidae) on deer as a measure of lyme disease risk in the northeastern united states.surveillance programs that identify areas where both the vector (ixodes dammini) and etiologic agent (borrelia burgdorferi) are present may identify the risk of lyme disease and its spread earlier and more accurately than do programs relying on any single method, particularly human case reports. hunter-killed deer (n = 1,204) from 22 counties in maryland, massachusetts, new hampshire, new york, and pennsylvania were examined in fall 1989 and all ectoparasites were identified. the following sprin ...19938433324
hemocytic rickettsia-like organisms in ticks: serologic reactivity with antisera to ehrlichiae and detection of dna of agent of human granulocytic ehrlichiosis by pcr.ixodid ticks were collected from connecticut, massachusetts, missouri, pennsylvania, rhode island, and british columbia (canada) during 1991 to 1994 to determine the prevalence of infection with hemocytic (blood cell), rickettsia-like organisms. hemolymph obtained from these ticks was analyzed by direct and indirect fluorescent antibody (fa) staining methods with dog, horse, or human sera containing antibodies to ehrlichia canis, ehrlichia equi, or rickettsia rickettsii. of the 693 nymphal and a ...19958567911
human rabies--new hampshire, 1996.on august 20, 1996, a 32-year-old resident of new hampshire died in a massachusetts hospital from an illness characterized by rapid neurologic deterioration. rabies had been clinically suspected on the date of her transfer from a new hampshire hospital (august 14) and was confirmed by cdc on august 17. this report summarizes the investigation of this case by the state health departments of new hampshire, massachusetts, maryland, and pennsylvania, which implicated a dog in kathmandu, nepal, as th ...19979091784
soil ingestion estimates for children residing on a superfund site.soil ingestion estimates were obtained from a stratified, simple random sample of 64 children aged 1-4 years residing on a superfund site in montana. the study was conducted during the month of september for 7 consecutive days. the study utilized a mass-balance methodology in which eight naturally occurring soil tracers (al, si, ti, ce, nd, la, y, and zr) believed to be poorly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract were employed to provide soil ingestion estimates. food and fecal samples were an ...19979143454
rabies surveillance in the united states during 1997, 49 states, the district of columbia, and puerto rico reported 8,509 cases of rabies in nonhuman animals and 4 cases in human beings to the centers for disease control and prevention. nearly 93% (7,899) were wild animals, whereas 7% (610) were domestic species. the total number of reported cases increased 19.4% from that of 1996 (7,128 cases). increases were apparent in each of the major species groups, with the exception of cattle. the relative contributions of these groups to the total ...19989861958
under one roof.poverty, drug abuse, lack of prenatal and primary care, and lack of skills to find a job or run a household dog the heels of those who live in boston's dorchester neighborhood. these problems prompted the caritas christi health system, sponsored by the archdiocese of boston, to shed its acute care mentality and begin building a service mix that responds to the needs of the neighborhood beyond healthcare, including maintaining a physical presence in the neighborhood itself. to accomplish its visi ...199610161795
rabies surveillance in the united states during 1998.during 1998, 49 states, the district of columbia, and puerto rico reported 7,961 cases of rabies in nonhuman animals and 1 case in a human being to the centers for disease control and prevention, a decrease of 6.5% from 8,509 cases in nonhuman animals and 4 cases in human beings reported in 1997. more than 92% (7,358 cases) were in wild animals, whereas > 7.5% (603 cases) were in domestic species (compared with 93% in wild animals and 7% in domestic species in 1997). decreases were evident in al ...199910613210
socioeconomic predictors of high allergen levels in homes in the greater boston the united states, childhood asthma morbidity and prevalence rates are the highest in less affluent urban minority communities. more than 80% of childhood asthmatics are allergic to one or more inhalant allergens. we evaluated whether socioeconomic status was associated with a differential in the levels and types of indoor home allergens. dust samples for an elisa allergen assay were collected from the homes of 499 families as part of a metropolitan boston, massachusetts, longitudinal birth c ...200010753087
are laws prohibiting ownership of pit bull-type dogs legally enforceable? 200010825937
evaluation of ifosfamide for treatment of various canine neoplasms.lfosfamide (3-[2-chloroethyl]-2[(2 chloroethyl)amino]tetrahydro-2h-1,3,2-oxazaphosphorine 2-oxide) is an alkylating agent with a broad spectrum of antitumor activity. the efficacy and toxicity of ifosfamide were evaluated in 72 dogs with spontaneously occurring tumors. forty dogs (56%) had lymphoma, 31 (43%) had sarcomas, and 1 had a metastatic carcinoma. five dogs received ifosfamide at dosages <350 mg/m2 iv. neither toxicity nor response were observed, and the remaining dogs received ifosfamid ...200010830540
surgeon scientist.the origins and development of the renal transplant program at the peter bent brigham hospital (now the brigham and women's hospital) from the late 1940s to the present are reviewed. the program was initiated as a effort to understand hypertension as a cause of renal failure. the initial transplants were unmodified allogeneic grafts placed in the thigh, followed by extensive laboratory experiments on dogs. this research culminated with the first successful human transplant of a kidney between id ...200010833241
treatment of immune-mediated hemolytic anemia in dogs with cyclophosphamide.a review of 60 cases of immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (imha) in the dog was performed in order to characterize the disease and to identify potential prognostic indicators. dogs ranged in age from 1 to 13 years, with a mean age of 6.5 years. the 2 most commonly affected breeds were cocker spaniels and labrador retrievers. fifty-two of the 60 dogs tested (87%) were autoagglutination positive and spherocytes were present in 45 (75%). forty-one (89%) of 46 patients tested positive for the presenc ...200010935898
rabies surveillance in the united states during 1999.during 1999, 49 states, the district of columbia, and puerto rico reported 7,067 cases of rabies in nonhuman animals to the centers for disease control and prevention, a decrease of 11.2% from 7,961 cases in nonhuman animals and 1 case in a human being reported in 1998. more than 91% (6,466 cases) were in wild animals, whereas 8.5% (601 cases) were in domestic species (compared with 92.4% in wild animals and 7.6% in domestic species in 1998). no cases of rabies were reported in human beings in 1 ...200011132881
surgical treatment of adrenocortical tumors: 21 cases (1990-1996).twenty-four adrenocortical tumors were surgically removed from 21 dogs. histopathological examination confirmed 18 carcinomas and six adenomas. four dogs died in the perioperative period. fifteen of the 17 dogs that survived the perioperative period had long-term resolution of their clinical signs. two dogs with incompletely resected tumors were treated with mitotane to control their clinical signs. overall median kaplan-meier life-table survival for dogs with carcinomas was 778 days (range, one ...200111204483
predictors of airborne endotoxin in the home.we identified home characteristics associated with the level of airborne endotoxin in 111 boston-area homes enrolled in a cohort study of home exposures and childhood asthma, and we developed a predictive model to estimate airborne endotoxin. we measured endotoxin in family-room air and in dust from the baby's bed, family room, bedroom, and kitchen floor. level of airborne endotoxin was weakly correlated (r < 0.3) with level of endotoxin in each of the four types of dust samples and was signific ...200111564624
prevalence of agglutinating antibodies to neospora caninum in raccoons, procyon lotor.neospora caninum is an apicomplexan parasite that causes neonatal neuromuscular disease in dogs and abortions in cattle. dogs are the only proven definitive host. little is known about the prevalence of antibodies to this parasite in wildlife. sera from 99 raccoons (procyon lotor) were examined for agglutinating antibodies to n. caninum using the modified agglutination test employing formalin-fixed tachyzoites as antigen. raccoons originated in florida (n = 24, collected in 1996), new jersey (n ...200111695399
rabies surveillance in the united states during 2000.during 2000, 49 states, the district of columbia, and puerto rico reported 7,364 cases of rabies in nonhuman animals and 5 cases in human beings to the centers for disease control and prevention, an increase of 4.3% from 7,067 cases in nonhuman animals reported in 1999. ninety-three percent (6,855 cases) were in wild animals, whereas 6.9% (509 cases) were in domestic species (compared wth 91.5% in wild animals and 8.5% in domestic species in 1999). compared with cases reported in 1999, the numbe ...200111767918
dust mite, cockroach, cat, and dog allergen concentrations in homes of asthmatic children in the northeastern united states: impact of socioeconomic factors and population density.home exposures to aeroallergens are an important environmental factor in allergic sensitization and in the development and exacerbation of asthma. we assessed variations in home concentrations of dust mite, cockroach, cat, and dog allergens in dust collected in the main living areas of asthmatics' homes by family income, mother's education, dwelling type, population density, household population density, and ethnicity in connecticut and south-central massachusetts. dust samples were collected at ...200211940461
retrospective evaluation of partial parenteral nutrition in dogs and cats.the purpose of this retrospective study was to evaluate the use of partial parenteral nutrition (ppn) in dogs and cats. the medical records of all dogs and cats receiving ppn between 1994 and 1999 were reviewed to determine signalment, reasons for use of ppn, duration of ppn administration, duration of hospitalization, complications, and mortality. complications were classified as metabolic, mechanical, or septic. one hundred twenty-seven animals (80 dogs and 47 cats) were included in the study, ...200212141306
rabies surveillance in the united states during 2001.during 2001, 49 states and puerto rico reported 7,437 cases of rabies in nonhuman animals and 1 case in a human being to the centers for disease control and prevention, an increase of < 1% from 7,364 cases in nonhuman animals and 5 human cases reported in 2000. more than 93% (6,939 cases) were in wild animals, whereas 6.7% (497 cases) were in domestic species (compared with 93.0% in wild animals and 6.9% in domestic species in 2000). the number of cases reported in 2001 increased among bats, cat ...200212494966
ultrasonographic and clinicopathologic findings in 21 dogs with intestinal a retrospective study of 21 dogs with intestinal adenocarcinoma, the signalment, clinical presentation, laboratory findings, ultrasonographic features, treatment, and outcome were reviewed. anorexia (n = 16), vomiting (n = 15), diarrhea (n = 10), and weight loss (n = 9) were the most common clinical signs reported. ultrasonographic features that were evaluated included location, length, wall thickness, echogenicity, regional motility, layering, regional lymphadenopathy, and fluid accumulation ...200212502112
traumatic body wall herniation in 36 dogs and cats.traumatic body wall hernias (tbwh) are serious sequelae to traumatic injury in dogs and cats. during the study period, 26 dogs and 10 cats with surgically managed tbwh were identified. five cases (four dogs, one cat) did not have their hernias identified during the first 24 hours of hospitalization. bite wounds were the most common cause of tbwh, accounting for 54% of canine and 40% of feline hernias. twelve cases (nine dogs, three cats) had serious intra-abdominal injuries diagnosed in addition ...200312549612
dustborne and airborne fungal propagules represent a different spectrum of fungi with differing relations to home characteristics.exposure to fungi is often assessed by culturing floor dust or air samples. our objective was to evaluate the relationships between dustborne and airborne fungi and to identify factors that modify these relationships.200312580801
acquisition of dogs for biomedical research. 196414172325
ultrasonographic findings in dogs and cats with gastrointestinal perforation.a retrospective study was performed to evaluate the sonographic features of gastrointestinal (gi) perforation in dogs and cats. sonographic findings in 19 animals (14 dogs and 5 cats) included regional bright mesenteric fat (19), peritoneal effusion (16), fluid-filled stomach or intestines (12), gi wall thickening (11), presence of free air (9), loss of gi wall layering (9), regional lymphadenopathy (8), reduced gi motility (7), pancreatic changes (4), corrugated intestines (4), presence of a ma ...200314599169
diagnostic value of ultrasonography in differentiating enteritis from intestinal neoplasia in hundred and fifty dogs with histopathologically confirmed intestinal disease were evaluated retrospectively. sixty-one dogs had enteritis and 89 dogs had intestinal neoplasia. ultrasonographic findings including the thickness and distribution of the intestinal lesion, the integrity of intestinal wall layering, regional lymph node thickness, the location of the intestinal segment involved, and regional motility were evaluated. dogs with intestinal tumor had wall thickness (1.5 cm) significant ...200314599171
rabies surveillance in the united states during 2002.during 2002, 49 states and puerto rico reported 7,967 cases of rabies in nonhuman animals and 3 cases in human beings to the centers for disease control and prevention, an increase of 7.2% from the 7,436 cases in non-human animals and 1 case in a human being reported in 2001. more than 92% (7,375 cases) were in wild animals, whereas 7.4% (592) were in domestic species (compared with 93.3% in wild animals and 6.7% in domestic species in 2001). compared with cases reported in 2001, the numbers of ...200314690203
"cotton mather, you dog, dam you! i'l inoculate you with this; with a pox to you": smallpox inoculation, boston, 1721. 200414757807
hepatotoxicity associated with ccnu (lomustine) chemotherapy in hundred seventy-nine tumor-bearing dogs were treated with 1-(2-chloroethyl)-3-cyclohexyl-1-nitrosourea (ccnu) between 1995 and 2001. ccnu was given as a single dose of 50-110 mg/m2 body surface area po. treatment interval varied, but the minimal interval between ccnu doses was 3 weeks. after treatment, 11 dogs (6.1%) developed hepatic toxicity. the median number of ccnu doses and the median total cumulative ccnu dose were significantly higher in dogs that developed hepatic toxicity (4 doses; ...200414765735
prevalence of the breed-related glaucomas in pure-bred dogs in north determine the prevalence of the breed-related glaucomas in pure-bred dogs presented to the veterinary medical teaching hospitals in north america that participate in the veterinary medical data base (vmdb).200414982589
ultrasonographic findings in abdominal mast cell disease: a retrospective study of 19 patients.a retrospective survey from january 1989 to january 1999 of tufts university foster hospital for small animals radiology records of 12 dogs and seven cats with cytologically or histopathologically confirmed abdominal mast cell disease was performed. ultrasound changes in hepatic mast cell infiltration in dogs included a subjective increase in size, a diffuse increase in echogenicity, and one or more hypoechoic nodules. ultrasound findings in the affected canine spleen included one or more hypoec ...200415005361
secondary glaucomas in the dog in north determine the prevalence of secondary glaucomas in dogs associated with cataract formation, lens luxation or displacement, cataract surgery, uveitis, hyphema and intraocular neoplasia.200415200621
ultrasonographic diagnosis of portosystemic shunting in dogs and cats.the value of ultrasonography was evaluated in 85 dogs and 17 cats presented with a clinically suspected portosystemic shunt (pss). a pss was confirmed in 50 dogs and nine cats (single congenital extrahepatic in 42, single congenital intrahepatic in 11, and multiple acquired in six). six dogs and one cat had hepatic microvascular dysplasia, and 29 dogs and seven cats had a normal portal system. ultrasonography was 92% sensitive, 98% specific, and had positive and negative predictive values of 98% ...200415487568
the use of dogs in medical and veterinary training: understanding and approaching student uneasiness. 200415498727
genotypic diversity of francisella tularensis infecting dermacentor variabilis ticks on martha's vineyard, massachusetts.martha's vineyard, mass., has been the site of two outbreaks of tularemia (1978 and 2000). although most patients from both outbreaks presented with pneumonic disease and although aerosol transmission has been suggested, the bite of a dog tick and exposure to rabbits remain the only proven modes of transmission. the factors that precipitated the tularemia outbreaks or the proximal determinants of human risk remain undescribed. we sought to test the hypothesis that the ongoing outbreak is due to ...200415528681
a new francisella (beggiatiales: francisellaceae) inquiline within dermacentor variabilis say (acari: ixodidae).while estimating the prevalence of the dermacentor variabilis (say) symbiont (dvs) in dog ticks on martha's vineyard, ma, we identified dna that may represent a heretofore unrecognized francisella sp. polymerase chain reaction targeting a portion of the 16s rdna specific for dvs yielded an amplicon that was only 96.6% similar to that of dvs accessioned in genbank. phylogenetic analysis of the 16s and 23s rdna genes suggests the presence of a distinct bacterium closely related to the other endosy ...200515962806
outcomes of dogs presented for cataract evaluation: a retrospective study.two hundred and forty-four dogs were evaluated for cataracts at the university of tennessee from january 2001 to december 2002. fifty-four canine breeds were affected. odds ratios for cataracts were significantly higher for six purebred dogs (including the cocker spaniel, miniature schnauzer, toy poodle, boston terrier, miniature poodle, and bichon frise) compared with mixed-breed dogs. one hundred fifty-nine dogs did not have cataract surgery. the most common reason for dogs not having surgery ...200515995160
rabies surveillance in the united states during 2004.during 2004, 49 states and puerto rico reported 6,836 cases of rabies in nonhuman animals and 8 cases in human beings to the cdc, representing a 4.6% decrease from the 7,170 cases in nonhuman animals and 3 cases in human beings reported in 2003. approximately 92% of the cases were in wildlife, and 8% were in domestic animals (compared with 91% and 9%, respectively, in 2003). relative contributions by the major animal groups were as follows: 2,564 raccoons (37.5%), 1,856 skunks (27.1%), 1,361 bat ...200516379626
readers' responses to the webcast video editorial entitled "a healthcare system that works". 200516385700
raccoons and skunks as sentinels for enzootic tularemia.we analyzed sera from diverse mammals of martha's vineyard, massachusetts, for evidence of francisella tularensis exposure. skunks and raccoons were frequently seroreactive, whereas white-footed mice, cottontail rabbits, deer, rats, and dogs were not. tularemia surveillance may be facilitated by focusing on skunks and raccoons.200616707067
evaluation of risk factors for development of secondary glaucoma in dogs: 156 cases (1999-2004).to determine the immediately antecedent cause of secondary glaucoma and the prevalence of secondary glaucoma with anterior uveitis or lens dislocation in dogs.200617042730
ultrasonographic intestinal hyperechoic mucosal striations in dogs are associated with lacteal this retrospective study, the medical records of 23 dogs with the sonographic feature of small intestinal hyperechoic mucosal striations and an endoscopic or surgical intestinal biopsy were reviewed. histopathologic lacteal dilation was present in 96% of dogs with mucosal striations. sonographic findings associated with mucosal striations included: mild jejunal wall thickening (96%), mild duodenal wall thickening (78%), mucosal speckles (70%), and abdominal effusion (87%). the mucosal striati ...200717236361
orthovoltage radiation and weekly low dose of doxorubicin for the treatment of incompletely excised soft-tissue sarcomas in 39 dogs.the efficacy and toxicity of orthovoltage radiation therapy and concurrent low doses of doxorubicin for the treatment of incompletely excised soft-tissue sarcomas in 39 dogs was investigated retrospectively. the 39 dogs had 40 soft-tissue sarcomas and received 51 gy orthovoltage radiation in 17 daily 3 gy fractions; they also received 10 mg/m(2) doxorubicin once a week administered intravenously one hour before the dose of radiation. the median follow-up time was 910 days. the tumours recurred l ...200717351172
pneumonic tularemia on martha's vineyard: clinical, epidemiologic, and ecological characteristics.martha's vineyard, massachusetts, is the site of the only two recognized outbreaks of primary pneumonic tularemia in the united states. beginning in 2000 and continuing through 2006, 59 presumed or confirmed tularemia cases have been reported from martha's vineyard, with more than 60% of these presumed to be due to inhalation of the agent. a joint cdc/massachusetts department of public health case-control study identified landscaping activities such as lawnmowing or brush cutting to be important ...200717442781
a pilot study to isolate staphylococcus aureus and methicillin-resistant s aureus from environmental surfaces in the home.the major sources of staphylococcus aureus, including methicillin-resistant s aureus (mrsa), in the home are colonized or infected individuals and pets, such as cats and dogs; however, the occurrence of mrsa on surfaces in healthy homes is not well documented.200818675154
the new woman as "tied-up dog": amy e. tanner's situated knowledges.amy e. tanner pursued a series of ventures on the margins of the discipline of psychology from 1895 through the 1910s. as a midwesterner and a woman, she found herself denied opportunities at both research universities and elite women's colleges, spending the most visible phase of her career as g. stanley hall's assistant at clark university. a narrative of tanner's life furnishes more than a glimpse at the challenges faced by women scholars in the past. as an investigator engaged with the debat ...200819048974
nonrandom distribution of vector ticks (dermacentor variabilis) infected by francisella tularensis.the island of martha's vineyard, massachusetts, is the site of a sustained outbreak of tularemia due to francisella tularensis tularensis. dog ticks, dermacentor variabilis, appear to be critical in the perpetuation of the agent there. tularemia has long been characterized as an agent of natural focality, stably persisting in characteristic sites of transmission, but this suggestion has never been rigorously tested. accordingly, we sought to identify a natural focus of transmission of the agent ...200919247435
a critical evaluation of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria of medical interest on commonly touched household surfaces in relation to household demographics.we sought to characterize and quantify bacteria of medical interest on commonly touched household surfaces and to evaluate predictors such as employment, day care attendance, and presence of infants and pets.200919361887
animal rabies in massachusetts, this study, we review annual rabies data from massachusetts from 1985 to 2006, spanning the introduction of raccoon strain rabies in 1992. of 52,034 animals tested, 9.7% (5,049/52,034) were rabid, representing 26 of over 67 species submitted. bats were the most common rabid animals prior to 1992 (50 of 52), but raccoons (procyon lotor) became the most common rabies-positive species upon arrival of raccoon strain rabies virus (38.2%, 2,728 of 7,138 tested), followed by striped skunks (mephitis ...200919395747
metapopulation structure for perpetuation of francisella tularensis tularensis.outbreaks of type a tularemia due to francisella tularensis tularensis are typically sporadic and unstable, greatly hindering identification of the determinants of perpetuation and human risk. martha's vineyard, massachusetts has experienced an outbreak of type a tularemia which has persisted for 9 years. this unique situation has allowed us to conduct long-term eco-epidemiologic studies there. our hypothesis is that the agent of type a tularemia is perpetuated as a metapopulation, with many sma ...200919627585
age-specific prevalence of outdoor and indoor aeroallergen sensitization in boston.questions exist regarding the appropriate age for referral of an atopic child to an allergist for environmental skin prick testing. this study evaluates age-specific prevalence of sensitization to aeroallergens from infancy through adolescence. a total of 1394 patients were skin tested, with 57.2% being sensitized to at least 1 aeroallergen. in children younger than 2, the authors found that 26.5% were sensitized, including to dogs (15.5%) and cats (9.2%). additionally, tree sensitization was de ...201020075031
filter the dogs: microbial mishaps in massachusetts. 201020807715
differential mortality of dog tick vectors due to infection by diverse francisella tularensis tularensis genotypes.abstract the factors involved in the long-term perpetuation of francisella tularensis tularensis in nature are poorly understood. martha's vineyard, massachusetts, has become a site of sustained transmission of type a tularemia, with nearly 100 human cases reported from 2000 to 2010. we have identified a stable focus of f. tularensis transmission there, where the annual prevalence in host-seeking dermacentor variabilis is about 3%, suggesting that this tick perpetuates the agent. however, labora ...201121612530
acute aldicarb toxicity in dogs: 15 cases (2001-2009).objective - to describe the common clinical signs, laboratory abnormalities, treatment, and prognosis associated with acute aldicarb toxicosis in dogs. design - retrospective observational study from 2001 to 2009. setting - urban referral hospital. animals - fifteen client-owned dogs. interventions - none. measurements and main results - the most common clinical signs associated with acute aldicarb toxicosis were vomiting, ptyalism, diarrhea, and tremors. of the 15 dogs, 11 were admitted to the ...201121631711
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