first epidemiological study on exposure to neospora caninum in different canine populations in the algiers district (algeria).neospora caninum is an important cause of abortion in cattle worldwide. dogs act as final hosts shedding oocysts in the environment. they can also harbour the extraintestinal stage of the parasite and this may be associated with a fairly rare neuromuscular condition. the sera of 781 dogs from the algiers district were screened by ifat for the presence of anti-n. caninum antibodies. these dogs were distributed into four populations: local stray dogs, police dogs, dogs from breeding kennels and fa ...200919723590
increase in the prevalence of canine leishmaniasis in urban algiers (algeria) following the 2003 earthquake.between 2005 and 2008, a serological survey for leishmanial infection was conducted among dogs from urban and peri-urban algiers, with the focus on the new, densely populated areas that were built after the 2003 earthquake. serum samples were collected from 1810 animals and tested for the presence of leishmanial antibodies by ifat, elisa and western blotting. the overall seroprevalence recorded was 25.1%. of the seropositive dogs, 58.8% showed no clinical signs of the disease, 25.8% had a few, m ...200920030992
canine leishmaniasis in algeria: true prevalence and diagnostic test characteristics in groups of dogs of different functional type.a bayesian approach was used to assess the prevalence of canine leishmaniasis and evaluate three serological diagnostic tests: indirect fluorescent antibody test (ifat), direct agglutination test, and particle gel immuno-assay (pagia) for canine leishmaniasis (cl) in algiers. four hundred and sixty-two dogs were involved in this study and divided in four groups according to their functional type: stray dogs, farm dogs, national guard dogs and pet dogs. the stray dog group showed the highest prev ...201020627416
molecular evidence of bartonella infection in domestic dogs from algeria, north africa, by polymerase chain reaction (pcr).bartonella species are being recognized as important bacterial human and canine pathogens, and are associated with multiple arthropod vectors. bartonella dna extracted from blood samples was obtained from domestic dogs in algiers, algeria. polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and dna sequence analyses of the ftsz gene and the 16s-23s intergenic spacer region (its) were performed. three bartonella species: bartonella vinsonii subsp. berkhoffii, bartonella clarridgeiae, and bartonells elizabethae were ...201020682871
[leishmaniasis in algiers: epidemiologic data].the authors review the situation on human and canine leishmaniasis observed in algiers during the period 1990-1997. 1800 sera have been tested by ifat. the frequency of canine leishmaniasis rises to 37%. 25% of the positive dogs are asymptomatic. the canine leishmaniasis annual fluctuations seem to vary from one year to another, with an increase of number of cases comparing with the last period. human leishmaniasis is also increasing in algiers, where 22 cases of hvl and 40 cases cl have been no ...200314582298
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