intentional poisoning of animals in southeastern spain: a review of the veterinary toxicology service from murcia, of toxicological analyses carried out over a 10-y period for suspected cases of wild and domestic animal poisonings are summarized. of the 123 cases suspected as deliberate, 102 were be analyzed and 50 of them were positive to intentional poisoning, a total of 107 dead animals. pesticides, especially insecticides (72%) and rodenticides (26%), were frequently involved. aldicarb (n=15), anticoagulant rodenticides (n=8) and strychnine (n=4) were the most common toxins in baits prepared for int ...200312583702
hla class ii genotypic frequencies in atopic asthma: association of drb1*01-dqb1*0501 genotype with artemisia vulgaris allergic asthma.different human leukocyte antigen (hla) class ii alleles have been associated with the development of atopic asthma. to determine whether hla class ii alleles are associated with atopic asthma in a population from southeast spain (murcia region), 213 atopic asthmatic patients and 150 controls were selected for hla typing. significant association of the drb1*01 and dqb1*0501 alleles was found in artemisia vulgaris allergic patients (p(c) = 0.00052 and p(c) = 0.00023, respectively). no significant ...200312878360
prevalence of dipetalonema dracunculoides in dogs in murcia, spain. 200415214517
epidemiological study of non-systemic parasitism in dogs in southeast mediterranean spain assessed by coprological and post-mortem examination.the prevalence and risk factors of non-systemic canine ecto- and endoparasitism and anthelminthic use in murcia located at the centre of the spanish mediterranean coastal arch, was investigated by coprology and necropsy in up to 275 pet, city shelter and stray dogs in 2001-2004. faecal parasite stages were detected in 25% of dogs. species frequency was 6-10% for toxocara canis, ancylostomatidae spp., toxascaris leonina and isospora canis, and 0.4-1% for trichuris vulpis, giardia lamblia, and dip ...200717542962
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