characterization and observation of animals responsible for rabies post-exposure treatment in phnom penh, order to provide relevant therapeutic answers to human patients exposed to risk of rabies infection who visit the institut pasteur du cambodge for post-exposure treatment and to improve control of rabies in cambodia, a pilot study was carried out in phnom penh province in november and december 1997 with three objectives: characterization of the population of animals responsible for the exposure to rabies, observation of the animals concerned, and confirmation of the presence of rabies virus i ...199910486830
rabies situation in cambodia.rabies, a fatal but preventable zoonosis, is a major public health problem in developing countries. in cambodia the disease burden is largely underestimated because patients with encephalitis following dog bites are rarely hospitalized and die at home. since 1998 institut pasteur in cambodia (ipc), phnom penh has been the only source of free post-exposure prophylaxis (pep) and post-mortem diagnosis.200919907631
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