an outbreak of rabies in dogs in the state of terengganu 1995-1996.the presence of rabies in dogs has been well recognized in areas of malaysia close to the thai border but it has rarely ever been reported in terengganu which is a state on the east coast of malaysia. from november 1995 to june 1996 six different rabid stray dogs were found to have been involved in dog bite attacks on 9 members of the public. we report these cases to highlight that rabid dog bites may occur even in areas where the disease is thought to be rate. medical and veterinary staff must ...199810968145
eye lesion caused by adult brugia malayi: a first case reported in a child from malaysia.we are reporting a case of an eye lesion caused by an adult brugia malayi. the patient was a 3-year-old chinese boy from kemaman district, terengganu, peninsular malaysia. he presented with a one week history of redness and palpebral swelling of his right eye. he claimed that he could see a worm in his right eye beneath the conjunctiva. he had no history of traveling overseas and the family kept dogs at home. he was referred from kemaman hospital to the eye clinic of hospital tengku ampuan afzan ...200617121289
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