blood-feeding patterns of aedes aegypti (diptera: culicidae) collected in a rural thai village.aedes aegypti (l.) were collected by aspiration once each week from in and around houses in a rural village in chachoengsao province. thailand, during may 1990 to june 1991. of the 1,230 specimens analyzed with a sandwich elisa, 73% reacted to one or more of the seven hosts which we tested. eighty-eight percent (789/896) of all detectable meals were identified as being from a single host (human). patent multiple meals (double and triple), of which one was always human, were detected in 7% (66/89 ...19938254642
molecular evidence for novel tick-associated spotted fever group rickettsiae from thailand.ticks are of considerable medical and veterinary importance because they directly harm the host through their feeding action and indirectly through vectoring many bacterial pathogens. despite many ticks being known from thailand, very little is known about the bacteria they may harbor. we report here the results of a survey of tick-associated bacteria in thailand. a total of 334 individuals representing 14 species of ticks in five genera were collected from 10 locations in thailand and were exam ...200312693853
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