some recent studies in the nutrition research laboratories, hyderabad. 19704983877
emergence of arctic-like rabies lineage in india.a collection of 37 rabies-infected samples, 10 human saliva and 27 animal brain, were recovered during 2001-2004 from the cities of bangalore and hyderabad in southern india and from kasauli, a mountainous region in himachal pradesh, northern india. phylogenetic analysis of partial n gene nucleotide sequences of these 37 specimens and 1 archival specimen identified 2 groups, divided according to their geographic (north or south) origins. comparison of selected indian viruses with representative ...200717370523
knowledge, attitude and practices about animal bites and rabies in general community--a multi-centric study.rabies a disease as old as our civilization, continues to be the most feared of all communicable diseases. despite the availability the state-of-the-art tools which ensure near cent percent protection against rabies, india is the largest contributant to rabies mortality in the world. a multicentric study was carried out from april 2001 to september 2002 with the objective of assessing the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices (kap) about animal bites and rabies in the general community. th ...200617913213
morbidity pattern of hydatid disease (cystic echinococcosis) and lack of its knowledge in patients attending mamata general hospital, khammam, andhra pradesh.there is hearsay that prevalence of hydatid disease in khammam and nalgonda districts of andhra pradesh is high. we report here a preliminary study conducted to determine the magnitude of the problem of hydatid disease and the morbidity associated with it in patients attending mgh, kmm, a.p. (rural hospital). eleven cases were identified during the period from november 2005 to may 2006 (seven months). pain in abdomen, mass per abdomen, loss of appetite, pregnancy complicated by cystic echinococc ...200818417888
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