epidemiological study in a new focus of cutaneous leishmaniosis due to leishmania major in ardestan town, central endemic focus of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniosis caused by leishmania major zymodeme mon-26 was identified in ardestan town central iran, during 1998-99. among 1960 school children examined over a 1-year period of time, 0.92% had evidence of active lesions and 1.53% had scar indicative of past infection. the incidence of the disease among school children was 3.2 per thousand in 1998. in a separate study, the incidence of infection among 100 households in an area with a population of 460 pers ...200111369303
emergence of cutaneous leishmaniasis due to leishmania major in a new focus of central iran.reports from a health center in esfahan province show an increase in cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) cases in the southern areas during 2000-2002, leading us to carry out an epidemiological study using standard techniques in mobarakeh county, central iran in 2003. data were collected on the prevalence of scars and active lesions among 1237 households in dehsorkh district (3086 residents) and 191 children attending primary schools in mobarakeh city. smears were prepared by scraping the edges of the ...200919497606
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