aetiology of visceral leishmaniasis in mexico.two children with visceral leishmaniasis (vl), were studied by dna analysis. dna from liver biopsy samples from both patients, was amplified by pcr with broad primers specific for the leishmania subgenus. dna from the patient from chiapas was also amplified with primers specific for the leismania donovani complex and hybridised with a probe specific for l. donovani complex. the second patient, who is the first reported case of visceral leishmaniasis in the mexican state of tabasco, where localis ...200010708655
first record of lutzomyia evansi (nuñez-tovar 1924) in mexico (diptera: psychodidae, phlebotominae).the phlebotomine sand fly lutzomyia evansi is recorded in mexico for the first time. this species is a suspected vector of leishmania infantum in other parts of its geographical range and was captured in a focus of american visceral leishmaniasis where the principal vector, lu. longipalpis sensu lato, was also found. the relative public health importance of the two species in the study area (chiapas state, southern mexico) is discussed.200415250463
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