experimental transmission of leishmania infantum by the bite of phlebotomus perniciosus from switzerland.the possible role of the sandfly phlebotomus perniciosus in the transmission of leishmania infantum in southern switzerland was investigated. it was found that the syrian golden hamster (mesocricetus auratus) could be infected by the bite of experimentally infected p. perniciosus females from canton ticino, in southern switzerland. this showed that this sandfly species could indeed be a vector for l. infantum in this area. however, as the population density of p. perniciosus is relatively low in ...19901973022
[endoparasite infection in stray and abandoned dogs in southern switzerland].at their entry into the animal domicile, "la stampa", in lugano (canton tessin), 217 stray dogs and 154 unwanted dogs were examined for infections with intestinal parasites, filariae, babesia and leishmania. the following techniques were used for detection of intestinal parasites: combined sedimentation-flotation, mifc technique and scotch tape adherence test. prevalences of helminth egg excretion in stray dogs and in unwanted dogs, respectively, were as follows: 34% and 22% for trichuris, 17% a ...19957569839
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