sequence based data supports a single nostoc strain in individual coralloid roots of cycads.the genetic diversity of cyanobacteria associated with cycads was examined using the trna(leu) (uaa) intron as a genetic marker. coralloid roots of both natural populations of the cycad macrozamia riedlei (fischer ex gaudichaud-beaupré) c.a. gardner growing in perth, australia and cycads growing in greenhouses, also in perth, were used and their respective cyanobionts analyzed. several nostoc strains were found to be involved in this symbiosis, both in natural populations and greenhouse-originat ...200419712296
microbial diversity of extant stromatolites in the hypersaline marine environment of shark bay, australia.stromatolites have been present on earth, at various levels of distribution and diversity, for more than 3 billion years. today, the best examples of stromatolites forming in hypersaline marine environments are in hamelin pool at shark bay, western australia. despite their evolutionary significance, little is known about their associated microbial communities. using a polyphasic approach of culture-dependent and culture-independent methods, we report the discovery of a wide range of microorganis ...200415344935
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