[tularemia: are hunters really a risk group?].the aim of this study was to investigate the tularemia seroprevalence among hunters mainly hunting in districts with emerging tularemia cases in yozgat province located at the central anatolia region of turkey. a total of 64 serum samples were collected from the subjects (all were male; age range: 18-67 years; mean age: 42.7 years) registered to hunting and shooting clubs in yozgat province and it's two districts, during january-april 2010 and anamnestic data were obtained using a questionnaire. ...201222399185
[two cases of tick-borne tularemia in yozgat province, turkey].tularemia which has a worldwide distribution, is a zoonotic infection caused by francisella tularensis. f.tularensis can infect a wide range of animals and can be transmitted to humans in a variety of ways, the most common being by the bite of an infected arthropod vector (usually tick) in the usa and europe. the clinical presentations have been classically divided into ulceroglandular, glandular, oculoglandular, pharyngeal, respiratory, and typhoidal tularemia depending on the route of transmis ...201122090307
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