anaerobic oral flora in the north american black bear (ursus americanus) in eastern north carolina.microbial flora can provide insight into the ecology and natural history of wildlife in addition to improving understanding of health risks. this study examines the anaerobic oral flora of hunter killed black bears (ursus americanus) in eastern north carolina. oral swabs from the buccal and lingual supragingival tooth surfaces of the first and second mandibular and maxillary molars of 22 black bears were inoculated onto brucella blood agar plates supplemented with hemin and vitamin k after trans ...201222503889
etiologic models for incident periodontal attachment loss in older adults.etiologic factors for incident periodontal attachment loss (aloss) have not been conclusively identified. the purpose of this study was to develop etiologic models for aloss in older adults. data on 697 older blacks and whites were obtained from 5 sequential examinations over 7 years in the piedmont 65+ dental study, a complex random sample of older adults in north carolina. multivariable poisson regression models were fit for average number of aloss events per person or site month at risk. in m ...199910048646
a 5-year study of attachment loss in community-dwelling older adults: incidence density.this is the second of three papers that present trends in attachment loss and tooth loss over a 5-yr period in a population of community-dwelling elderly black and whites. the first paper in this series showed that in addition to subject attrition during the 5 yr of the study, teeth also were lost. this loss of subjects and teeth resulted in trends that were not always consistent over time, because people were lost from the study and teeth with more active and advanced periodontal disease were m ...19979379318
do root lesions tend to develop in the same people who develop coronal lesions?the three purposes of this study are to: (1) describe the relationship between the prevalence of coronal caries and root caries; (2) describe the relationship between the three-year incidence of coronal caries and root caries; and (3) if the two conditions are associated, develop a multiple regression model that identifies characteristics distinguishing people who had increments of both root caries and coronal caries from people who had increments of either coronal caries or root caries, or who ...19979195500
the distribution and interrelationship of actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, porphyromonas gingivalis, prevotella intermedia, and bana scores among older a random sample of subgingival dental plaque samples from 375 blacks and 300 whites aged 65 and older, immunofluorescence assays for 3 target pathogens including actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, porphyromonas gingivalis, and prevotella intermedia, and bana enzyme analysis were carried out. blacks had significantly greater proportions of p. gingivalis and p. intermedia in their subgingival plaque and had significantly higher bana scores. these assay results were investigated for concordan ...19938381866
methods of assessing risk for periodontitis and developing multifactorial assessing risk for disease, periodontitis can be thought to be more like some of our common medical conditions: certain people are at higher risk than others, and efforts at prevention and intervention involve a combination of personal behaviors and professional practices. this paper presents some principles of designing risk assessment studies. in addition, the choices that must be made in deciding what is high risk and the type of model to be constructed are presented along with implication ...19948046563
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