a demographic study of disease due to mycobacterium kansasii or m intracellulare-avium in texas.the number of patients reported th have disease due to mycobacterium kansasii or m intracellulare-avium has increased in texas from january 1967 to december 1976, in contrast to a decrease in tuberculosis. presented is an analysis of 1,409 patients infected with m kansasii and 706 patients infected with m intracellulare-avium. the former group clustered in urban areas with more than twice the incidence compared to nonurban areas (p less than 0.001). the latter group was more diffusely distribute ...1979421546
clinical isolates of mycobacterium simiae in san antonio, texas. an 11-yr review.during a period of 11 yr (1983-1993) 137 clinical isolates of mycobacterium simiae obtained from 75 patients were identified in a university hospital in san antonio, texas. one hundred twenty-eight isolates (93%) were from a pulmonary source, four (3%) from blood, and five from other sites including skin, urine, lymph node, bone marrow, and brain. of 62 evaluable patients, six (10%) had definite infection, nine (14%) had probable disease, and 48 (76%) were thought to be colonized. during the las ...19957582293
changing patterns of infections in patients with aids: a study of 279 autopsies of prison inmates and nonincarcerated patients at a university hospital in eastern texas, 1984-1993.reports on autopsies of 279 persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) were reviewed retrospectively to determine changes in survival rates and infections and to identify differences between prison inmates and nonincarcerated patients. the 78 cases from 1984 through 1988 were compared with 201 from 1989 through 1993, on the basis of use of antiretroviral therapy and (after 1988) prophylaxis against pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (pcp). risk factors for hiv infection were homosexual ...19968842257
temporal trends in aids-related survival.although research indicates that aids-related survival has improved over calendar time, studies of temporal aids-related survival patterns are often confounded by the stage of aids diagnosis. the objective of the present study was therefore to assess temporal trends in aids-related survival from clinical indicators other than point of aids diagnosis. the study sample consisted of 2126 adult hiv-positive patients who were treated between 1987 and 1996 at a large southwestern academic medical cent ...199911362081
incidence and risk factors for immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome during highly active antiretroviral therapy.there is little systematic information regarding the immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (iris).200515750393
comparison of three methods of surveillance with application to the detection of johne's disease seropositivity in texas cattle.surveillance and monitoring are important for measuring the level of disease in a population, documenting changes in prevalence over time, determining high-risk areas for implementation of control measures, eradicating disease, and documenting freedom from disease. the documentation of freedom from disease has importance for international trade and the resumption of production after an outbreak. johne's disease (jd) is an example of an endemic disease of cattle that has variable prevalence relat ...200818406483
familial and herd-level associations with paratuberculosis enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay status in beef cattle.a cross-sectional study was performed to determine the odds of having a positive paratuberculosis elisa result if the dam was elisa positive in texas beef cattle, adjusted for individual and herd-level risk factors for seropositivity. texas beef cattle (n = 2,621) were tested for paratuberculosis by using a commercial elisa and microbiologic culture of feces for mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (map). pedigree data were collected to identify dam-and sire-offspring pairs. bayesian mixe ...200818469058
attitudes towards biosecurity practices relevant to johne's disease control on beef cattle farms.the success of control programs can be improved when producers' attitudes towards these programs are positive. implementation of control programs for chronic diseases are more challenging than those for acute diseases because of the absence of the "cues-to-action" that are associated with acute diseases. johne's disease (jd) is a chronic diarrheal disease of ruminants, and national voluntary control programs exist in several countries. we used a mailed cross-sectional survey to describe the atti ...201020102783
utility of bone marrow examination for workup of fever of unknown origin in patients with hiv/aids.the utility of bone marrow aspiration and biopsy (bmab) as a diagnostic tool in patients with hiv/aids and fever of unknown origin (fuo) is a subject of debate. because highly active antiretroviral therapy has reduced incidence of opportunistic infections, it is important to reassess the efficacy of bmab for this diagnostic purpose. to our knowledge, no such studies have been performed in harris county which has the highest incidence of hiv in the state of texas.201525589792
determinants of hiv-related survival among texas prison inmates.research indicates that being incarcerated adversely affects disease progression and overall health status. because hiv infection is a growing problem among prison populations in the united states, understanding how incarceration affects hiv-related survival patterns is critical. the present study examined determinants of hiv-related survival in a cohort of 2380 texas department of criminal justice (tdcj) inmates who were treated for hiv/aids, dating from january 1, 1992 and june 31, 1997. asses ...199910842856
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