bovine tuberculosis in the united states and puerto rico: a laboratory summary.mycobacteria were isolated from 14.3% of the tissues submitted to the national veterinary services laboratories over a 5-year period (july 1, 1972, to june 30, 1977). the isolates were identified by drug susceptibility, and biochemical and serologic tests. mycobacterium bovis isolated from tissues of cattle originating in 32 states and puerto rico accounted for 78% of the acid-fast isolations. of the mycobacterium bovis isolates, 4% were from tissues in which no microscopic tuberculous granuloma ...1979378044
disseminated mixed mycobacterium simiae-mycobacterium avium complex infection in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. 19911856495
geographical pathology profile of aids in puerto rico: the first decade.postmortem histopathological changes in 100 adult patients with aids who died in puerto rico from 1982 to 1991 were studied and tabulated. modes of hiv transmission were reviewed. patient ages ranged from 21 to 60 yr. gender composition for the patient group was 83 men (average age, 35 yr) and 17 women (average age, 39 yr). sixty-eight of the patients were injecting-drug users, 20 were homosexual and bisexual men, seven were women who had had heterosexual contact with men at risk for hiv, and on ...19947991523
survival in children with perinatal hiv infection and very low cd4 lymphocyte evaluate clinical conditions associated with mortality in hiv-infected children with cd4+ counts <100 cells/microl.200011115958
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