the extent and importance of sensitization by opportunist mycobacteria in lagos, nigeria.3505 school children aged 6 to 15 years were tested with ppds and at the same time one of the following tuberculins, namely, ppdg, ppdpl, ppda, ppdf and ppdy. the tuberculins were prepared from human tubercle bacillus, the gause organism, m. marinum, m. avium, m. fortuitum and m. kansasii respectively. ppdy, ppda and ppdg gave more reactions of greater than 2 mm induration than did ppds. furthermore, tests with ppdy, ppda, ppdg and ppdpl showed a significant proportion of children with reactions ...1977414397
the sensitization of children by opportunist mycobacteria in lagos, nigeria.groups of school children aged 6-14 years were tested with ppds and one of the following five antigens simultaneously, namely ppda, ppdf, ppdg, ppdpl and ppdy, ppds was prepared from the human tubercle bacillus, and the others were prepared from m. avium, m. fortuitum, the 'gause' organisms, m. marinum and m. kansasii respectively. it was observed that there was some increase in induration size to ppda, ppdg, ppdl, ppds and ppdy with increase in age, while m. fortuitum gave a preponderance of sm ...1978418112
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