evaluation of bacterial pathogen diversity, abundance and health risks in urban recreational water by amplicon next-generation sequencing and quantitative pcr.the microbial quality of urban recreational water is of great concern to public health. the monitoring of indicator organisms and several pathogens alone is not sufficient to accurately and comprehensively identify microbial risks. to assess the levels of bacterial pathogens and health risks in urban recreational water, we analyzed pathogen diversity and quantified four pathogens in 46 water samples collected from waterbodies in beijing olympic forest park in one year. the pathogen diversity rev ...201728647233
non-tuberculous mycobacteria in china.infection with non-tuberculous mycobacteria (ntm) is relatively rare in areas that are high-endemic for tuberculosis. we identified 126 strains of ntm in respiratory specimens collected by the chinese nationwide survey in 2000, the beijing tuberculosis and thoracic tumour institution, and the guangzhou thoracic hospital. species diagnosis was attained by sequencing of 16s-rdna complemented by phenotypic characterization when necessary. mycobacterium avium-intracellulare-complex - well known as a ...200717366030
spectrums of opportunistic infections and malignancies in hiv-infected patients in tertiary care hospital, opportunistic infections (ois) and malignancies continued to cause morbidity and mortality in chinese hiv-infected individuals. the objective for this study is to elucidate the prevalence and spectrums of ois and malignancies in hiv-infected patients in the beijing ditan hospital.201324204583
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